Financial printers struggle as 2engage Financial Media creates culture, success from within

One thing I touched upon in my first column for 2engage Financial Media that I think bears further elaboration today is the fact that unlike traditional financial printers, ALL of this Atlanta-based financial reporting provider’s customers are high-profile clients.

I think I should also clarify what it means to be a high-profile client in the financial printing world. It is preferential treatment given to companies considered of higher prestige and importance than others. This is a stupid way of treating your customers if you ask me.

If you don’t take anything away from this article today and insist on bringing your registration statements to traditional financial printers, at least ask them if you’ll be considered a “high-profile” client. If you don’t, your work won’t be given the same priority and care as someone else’s. But maybe you just like gambling foolishly. If not, then please read on.

As I said, ALL of 2engage Financial Media’s clients are treated as high-profile clients. This is a refreshing, significant distinction and competitive advantage available to companies considering an IPO not only in the southeast region but anywhere in the United States and beyond.

Dinosaur financial printers propose changes to their “culture” after failing “high-profile” clients. This is not a coincidence. It is how they deal with failure. Instead of implementing process improvement, they create further rifts and resentment internally. Their leadership (no matter who is at the helm) is reactionary and ends up undertaking damage control when things go bad. This substitutes as “culture” change. Sadly, there is never real improvement to the culture that exists at financial printers.

Historical financial statement

Historical financial statement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2engage Financial Media’s culture really is different

From typesetters and proofreaders in composition departments, to customer service project managers and sales force personnel, the leadership at 2engage Financial Media understands that employees must be treated fairly, equally and engaged fully in order to realize their maximum potential. The chances for customer satisfaction increase dramatically when tiered employee value systems still found at traditional financial printers are eliminated.

I can say that at traditional financial printers, customer service personnel are valued more greatly by executive teams over composition personnel. Ironically, the best financial customer service personnel in the world are severely handicapped when their composition teams are not producing as effectively as they should be.

Sadly, the old maxim, “you’re only as good as your composition,” still speaks volumes at traditional financial printers. And unlike 2engage Financial Media, the overwhelming majority of composition and pre-press jobs at traditional financial printers are not only outsourced, but offshored as well.

Do you really want your S-1 typeset by someone who may very well sell their services to the higher bidder up the street and leave your registration statement in the lurch, to be completed by the outsourcing-offshoring second string? I didn’t think so. The transient nature of the overseas composition workforce is one of the dirty little secrets of offshoring that traditional financial printers don’t want you to know about. And since variation is the enemy of quality, you can be assured that your critical documents will only be produced (at best) at “good enough” quality.

This is only one example of the 2engage Financial Media difference that ensures client documents receive more than just “good enough” quality of work found at financial printers (who sold their souls and high-caliber work in the name of profits and offshore tax breaks). Greed and loss of journeyman, American pre-press production jobs do not make for better quality Securities and Exchange Commission document filings, my friends.

Since all companies already public or those considering going public want as much bang for their buck as possible when it comes to financial reporting service providers, 2engage Financial Media offers something not found at traditional financial printers: true cost savings. That’s right. You’ve read correctly. Fair, competitive pricing and no premium charges for rush conversions or author’s alterations (AA’s) are enjoyed by all of 2engage Financial Media’s high-profile clients—that is, everyone smart enough to do business with them.

2engage Financial Media—the best new choice for work too critical to gamble on.

Bob Skelley is Founder, Senior Writer and Editor-in-Chief of bobskelley.com—home of the popular and influential blog, “hittingthesweetspot by Bob Skelley.” A commercial and financial printing veteran, Skelley spent over 25 years combined in both businesses. In an exclusive agreement with 2engage Financial Media, Bob will bring his unique financial reporting insights to our company’s web pages. Check our website regularly for more of Bob’s commentary, analysis and continuing coverage of the 2engage Financial Media difference.

This blog post was sponsored by 2engage Financial Media.


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