When questions fail epically

Big Lush Mtn

Ask me anything,” begs the Windows 10 digital assistant known as Cortana.

Some of the usual things come to mind.

Is God so powerful that he can make a rock that he, himself cannot lift?

Are Trump and Clinton really the only choices that can win?

Will I ever experience true, high-capacity broadband in my lifetime?

Will high capacity broadband comparable to South Korea really be that invigorating?

Who are the people I can always believe in?

What does long-time use of personal digital assistants lead to?

Where is the best place to go on vacation?

Is a staycation really an acceptable form of vacation?

Why does floating on a river feel so good?

How come it is important to get off the grid?

If simple is healthier, why are we compelled to live more complexly?

Would Google know I’m cheating on her if I asked Cortana anything?

Does Siri ever reach out to non-Apple product users?

If she does, will her first words to me be, “What’s up?”

I wonder if there will be a study regarding drinking at least 4 cups of coffee daily and increased use of personal digital assistants?

Why should I use you, Cortana?

Will using you bring me happiness?

Will using you bring me riches?

Will using you bring me charms?

What is the incentive to leave my comfy Google relationship?

Google is mature while you are immature?

Will you eventually live our lives for us, Cortana?

You know, where you just actually read, perform and basically do all the things we humans now do, but will soon do them for us through the glories of automation?

Should humanity be afraid of automation, Cortana, and if so, why?

Will black and white television ever make a comeback?

Do you want to take a shower first or should I, Cortana?

Can you whip me up another version of that green-colored drink that tasted way better than it looked?

What can we expect from a Clinton presidency?

What can we expect from a Trump presidency?

How soon can I have my own self-driving car?

Is money the root of all evil, and if so, why?

How come we love our computer mouses more than you?

Will you grow on us, Cortana?

Do we really get what we give, Cortana?

Can you give me a quick synopsis of the virtues of both New Age as well as Age Old?

How does an internet chat room still exist?

Are blogs such as this really the next best thing to sliced bread?

How can we minimize our worrying?

What are the keys to success?

Where must we go to find true peace?

At what point do we know we know it all?

Are 500 words really the best amount for a blog post?

If we live in such great places, how come we dream of leaving them so much?

Is time our most precious commodity or is it the perception that it is that gives us such pause?

Will we ever run out of questions for you, Cortana?


What do you think?

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