Sweet Spot Greetings

The Sweet Spot:

We hit it as kids when our parents slow pitched to us, getting the bat to meet the ball at just the right spot–the sweet spot!

Welcome friends! This long awaited blog has finally come to fruition at the urging of my fans: all three of them.

Seriously, this will be a place to hang out and just peruse meanderings of hopefully a tastier, offbeat, slightly hip and yes, lighthearted and sweet nature.

My formative years were quite special. I took guitar lessons for a brief time, and then ended up taking way too long to teach myself until I finally became a functioning musician. Always had an ear for music, could carry a tune, and the ability to take out the guitar, play and sing, at various times in my life, was a godsend.

I half-jokingly say I peaked at twelve, and everything else has been downhill since.

Those were heady days for me…I was voted best athlete of my school, was runner up MVP in Little League, and quietly bowed out of the male lead in “Annie Get Your Gun,” three days before I was due to go on, as I didn’t want to put my arm around a girl (where have you gone, Vicki Constantino!) . Karen Richter chastised me in my 6th grade yearbook, writing, “I hope you have the courage to put your arm around a girl some day.” How brutally real and devastating!

Poor old Marty Maguida, bless him wherever he is, was my understudy, and I was rooting for him, along with my classmates and their parents, from the P.S. No. 5 auditorium seats (that was where best athletes were supposed to be, after all), when he was valiantly performing the role I had vacated. Needless to say, I overcame my fear of having my arm around a girl, as my sweetie Rhonda, can attest. Thanks for always helping me feel comfortable with that, honey.

So, we will at various times be exploring the sweet spots of life as they exist/are, for us all. Glad you’re here, check back often, and hope to extend some warmth and entertainment to your days and evenings, ahead.

With great attention to what you’re feeling,

Bob Skelley


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  1. Well, you do hit the sweet spot indeed… a perfect name for your new blog. As one of your “three” fans, it is a great pleasure to find you in the blogosphere at last. And seeing as it’s 4am, I even have the honor of being first to congratulate you! I’m sure you’ll hit it out of the ballpark with each post! Congrats!


    • Thank you for the kind words, the “like” and the “follow,” too, Yvette. And also for all the encouragement to get started. It’s a lot of fun and am looking forward to many more posts as the mood strikes. Forgot how much I enjoyed written expression, should have started this sooner, but will catch up soon enough on all the tales, anecdotes, information and opinions I’ve stored in the memory banks all these years. Again, thank you for your friendship and for always being so supportive!


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