No escaping BS

I mark my lunch bags “BS” with a black magic marker. It is so nobody takes my lunch from the community fridge at work.

This has been a long-standing tradition for me.

Once, when I first started a new job, I was advised to mark my lunch bags if I was bringing my own lunch.

I used the letters “BS” for Bob Skelley.

I thought that would be clear enough for the purposes of identifying whose lunch it is in the refrigerator.

One of the administrative folks who had their hand on the pulse of the office asked “Whose bag of BS is this?” during my first week on the job.

That would be my bag of BS.

And so, for me, BS was on in the workplace.

BS is on in not only the workplace, but also just about everywhere.

Although BS can occasionally be found running rampant in the workplace, in this the year of the political debate juggernaut, BS assaults us from every angle when we go online or read the papers.

I feel for the youngsters coming up.

BS is not always easily recognizable.

Often, it is too late by the time we realize what we have been reading or viewing is pure, unadulterated and total BS.

Salespeople and politicians are constantly pitching us their BS.

It does not come in a bag, though.

It just comes at us, and at us and at us until we buy the BS product not because we want it, but because we cannot avoid it.

“I paid for this 60 second spot (of BS).”

Actually, we all did.

But you can go ahead and approve it.

Approved BS.  Now there’s a great concept.

Politicians are totally down with approving their BS messages non-stop, left and right.

Do you feel better knowing they approved their BS? It leaves me feeling they are just a little bit arrogant.

I want to see a political message from a non-candidate saying they did not approve this message; they just made it and threw it out there for general public consumption.

Which leads us to another question…

What happens when we get wind of BS too late?

We feel cheated, that’s what.

Particular brands of BS are supposed to save us from mediocrity or lives toiled in obscurity.

Marketing BS is especially painful.

I updated to iOS 6 last night on my iPhone 3GS.

I succumbed to the advertising all over the web and everywhere else. I have conformed and become one of the sheeple. It is occasionally good fun to see if by doing what everyone else is doing, you can be part of the fun or join the club. I can see how you might feel your life will improve for the better if you are doing what everyone else is doing and updating whether you really need any of the new features or not. I don’t get Siri on the 3GS, too, so I will not have the talking cyber friend that John Malkovich and Martin Scorsese have.

Wait, I know if I get a 4S or 5, I can have Siri. Maybe I will get either of those and then upgrade to BS’ng with Siri. Would that change things for the better for me?

I suspect not.

My life is unchanged today other than not having the YouTube app on my iPhone anymore. Guess I won’t be able to view BS movie clips unless I do so in Safari or download an app of some kind that affords a workaround.

I need to pack my lunch for work now and label the outside with the customary smatterings of BS.

I waited until now to reveal why I was told to label my lunch bag.

You see, there was a lunch thief at the office I used to work at. Putting your name on the bag would act as a deterrent to future lunch thieves. The thief, who was caught (but not before eating several employees’ lunches), said they only ate food that was unmarked.

Moral of the story here, people, is always label your lunch bag with your initials or name to prevent a lunch thief from victimizing you.

I approved this message.



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    • Writing this one was a lot of fun and delighted you enjoyed it. I know it may have appeared as flaunting, but like they say, if you’ve got the initials, flaunt them! So please, flaunt your initials like no one is watching.


      • My life takes on a whole new dimension today. It’s like you got a superpower or something. ; )
        My name is actually fabulous.
        Bridget Shalom. I’ve always gone by my nick name Jessica. Go figure.
        It just doesn’t sound good to be B S LeBaron or B S Chynoweth
        Or maybe it does since I’m all about the bs anyway.
        embracing the bs is so liberating!
        From BS to BS thank you!


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