STP and add value with acronyms

If you have to let everyone you know by word of mouth or even on your resume or cover letter that you “add value,” or have “added value,” just STHU (Shut. The. Heck. Up).

Is that hip or what? I mean, I know many of us substitute an “F” for the “H” in that acronym, but this is read by a very broad range of people encompassing all age groups, sizes, types and sensibilities.

Although it is tempting to “add value” to this blog by dropping an occasional “F” bomb, to me, like the gratuitous sex, violence and poor language found in movies, I’ll at least try to establish a preliminary warning of some kind, or even an “R” rating prelude of sorts at the beginning of the post, before bad language worms its way in here.

Profanity and vulgarities are not what hittingthesweetspot is about.

Hittingthesweetspot does seek to add value, however; it just does not want to do so by proclaiming it does, nor by introducing curse words to our audience. How do bad words add value? That is a rhetorical question, too, BTW (By. The. Way).

I like that acronyms can add value.

I mean, in the corporate world there are so many of them it is hard to keep track.

I have always loved “NAVY”—Never Again Volunteer Yourself.

That is my all-time personal favorite.

It certainly adds value, too, without being over the top, as when I was in the Navy, if you volunteered for something, you quickly learned most times it was not anything you wanted to do with regularity. After the first few times of volunteering, I figured out it was just better to let myself get picked instead of volunteering.

Volunteer service on the other hand, is quite rewarding, as any of us who has done volunteer work with a charitable organization well knows.

I was recently confused by “STP” (which used to mean a gas/fuel treatment).

Later on, STP became an abbreviation for St. Paul, MN.

Then, the other day an email I received contained STP in the body of the text.

I knew that it was not a fuel treatment in this case.

It also did not make any sense that it was a Twin City reference.

I found out afterwards it meant “Stir The Pot!”

So that was a new one for STP for me.

Stir the pot!

We do a little of that occasionally here (sans poor language of course) at hittingthesweetspot, right?

We are using various forms of “pig-shorthand” (“PS”–is that a word?) in our texting, emailing and online communication.

This brevity in communication is out of necessity. But maybe “PS” is not “PC?” In this instance PC is politically correct and NOT personal computer (which would make absolutely no sense whatsoever).

There are only so many hours in a day (TAOSMHIAD).

I have not seen TAOSMHIAD ever, but we are pioneers and risk takers here at hittingthesweetspot so we are not above taking chances—even when we appear ridiculous. I am at least a little bit vindicated by TAOSMHIAD, though, as I just Googled it and nothing came up: hittingthesweetspot innovates, too, at no extra charge to you, my dear readers!

AV used to mean audio visual to me when I was growing up.

There were even AV rooms in school.

Now it can mean adult video or anti-virus.

I propose for the purposes of this posting that AV means “add value.”

I can only hope you find my postings here AV.

TGIF peeps.



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