TenFourFox Release, Bump & Glyde steal finals-taking thunder


final-exam (Photo credit: a bill)

Well, I am done. Done with finals that is. Just took my last one in English of all things. Hope that has gone well. I feel good about it although I won’t know all things for sure until Monday sometime.

As I stand, actually sit, here before you, it has occurred to me that I should be reflecting on what has just transpired collectively-speaking over this past year regarding my return to the college classroom. I should be ready to tell you my thoughts, but truth be told, I just want to ruminate on the new release of TenFourFox, Bump and my inability to get Yahoo! Mail working via MacFreePOPs in Apple’s Mail client.

A Wild and Crazy Guy

A Wild and Crazy Guy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a wild and crazy guy, that’s for sure. A tale of an old dude in college with a bunch of young bucks and buckettes should trump the newest release of a web browser for an ancient computer platform, but somehow it does not. That is because my inner geek is always channeled and at the most inappropriate times; there will be time enough for college stories of the old dude variety once I find out where I’m doing my externship (you read that correctly—externship). Ooh, just found out where my externship is so will give you one snippet of observation of college life (for now): I will enjoy sitting in “big boy” chairs once more now that I will be out in the real world again. The desks are way too small in college for someone of my stature.

On to TenFourFox

According to http://www.floodgap.com/software/tenfourfox/ TenFourFox is The world’s most advanced desktop web browser. On your Power Mac. With version 24.2.0, TenFourFox very much makes the modern web safe, secure and happening, if not at the speed of sound, then at least safely and securely. This latest version, while still making TenFourFox my “go-to” browser on the Power Mac platform, does not have the speed of Leopard WebKit. The whole speed issue with TenFourFox may be moot as depending on what Power Mac you’re running, TenFourFox may in fact be faster than the Leopard WebKit version that was released on November 29. For me, though, on this modded G4 rig, I use TenFourFox when I need compliance and Leopard WebKit when I need speed. On a side note, Roccat has somewhat fallen out of favor on both the speed and compliance fronts for me. Again, all of this is a your mileage may vary scenario. The good thing is Power Mac users still have options when it comes to browsing choices on the web.

Palm Desert from bump and grind trail, 2000

Palm Desert from bump and grind trail, 2000 (Photo credit: bossco)

Bump & Glyde

I moved to an Android phone recently and was initially concerned about how I would transfer my contacts, photos and documents stored on the old reliable iPhone 3GS. I previously gave a shout out to Glyde for making the process of selling the iPhone very efficient and easy. Before I could utilize Glyde’s services I had to figure out a way to transfer all the data I wanted to move. This is where Bump came to the rescue. I downloaded the Bump app to both my iPhone and the new phone. After installation was complete, I simply followed the instructions to “bump” my data from the iPhone to the Android. It was easy as pie as they used to say. The ability to do all of this without a trip to one of the stores of my wireless provider was very much a time saver. Bump is highly recommended—easy to use and frees you up to do the other things you need to. Oh yeah, once I moved my information via Bump, I reformatted the iPhone before getting it ready for sale with Glyde. No matter what you do with your old devices, be sure to safeguard your personal information by deleting all traces of it once everything is accounted for on your new device. Apple makes the reformatting process quite easy on iPhones and iPads.

My philosophy is: it's none of my business wha...

My philosophy is: it’s none of my business what people say of me and think of me. I am what I am and I do what I do. I expect nothing and accept everything. And it makes life so much easier. (Photo credit: symphony of love)

What’s not so easy: MacFreePOPs and Yahoo Mail

Perhaps I wasn’t doing something correctly, but I tried multiple configurations unsuccessfully in my attempt to get Yahoo! Mail working with MacFreePOPs in Apple Mail in OS X Leopard. There are other users unable to do so as well. Yahoo! Mail users have always been able to pay for the ability to download their email to their mail clients of choice. MacFreePOPs promised the ability to do so in Apple Mail. In order to send email, users need to use another outgoing mail server such as Gmail’s. Time is money and so after some unfruitful, brief troubleshooting, I went back to accessing Yahoo web mail conventionally via web browser. I still don’t like the new Yahoo! Mail, but it is what it is. I will revisit MacFreePOPs and Yahoo at a future date.


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