The mysterious case of the teasing donate button and more things I think

Beautiful Sky

Beautiful Sky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not ready for fall break to be over but each time I come down here to work I see the piles of books and papers I must sort through, organize and get ready for my return to school exactly six days from now. Boo and yay at the same time! Boo for break being almost over and yay for it being the start of the last quarter of school.

English: Royal College main building.

English: Royal College main building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

School has been more exciting than not. When it’s done, I will miss it more than I thought I would going in. It’s been fun getting prepared to “go back to school” after Labor Day, too. I remember how I wanted endless summer when I was a kid. Being on a two week break makes me want endless break, but I must get the job done I came here for. And I will.

Touch is one of our greatest needs in life. Just ask any geriatric dog that’s lost its hearing. To know you are not alone is to feel the touch of a comforting hand that permits you to enjoy some tranquility and peace. Even if you have your hearing, walking with your arm around the person you care about or hand-in-hand on a cool fall day is pretty hard to beat.

It’s only 0-2 but the Steelers are in trouble.

It’s only rock ‘n’ roll but I like it.

My experiment with the 2013 calendar that begins on Monday and ends on Sunday will be over at the end of the year (unless I get another one for free for 2014). Although I planned to accentuate Mondays in a whole new way this year, Mondays (with the exception of ones like yesterday when I am free to play) are still days that leave me wanting. So, I’ll return to the more familiar calendars I grew up with that feature Sundays as the first day of the week when reading from left to right. I can admit when trying something different has not worked out. “Calendar…it’s not you, it’s me.”

This year, despite the economy’s lingering malaise, has been very rewarding for me; so much so, in fact, I am looking forward to closing out the year strong (unlike the Yankees).

Cher in the music video for "If I Could T...

Cher in the music video for “If I Could Turn Back Time”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember how for a period of time we readily accepted professional athletes in their late 30’s and early 40’s performing better than they had their entire careers previously? It’s alright. I was among those who looked the other way, too. I wanted to think there is this fountain of youth or that by training hard, eating the right things and just, well, trying harder, you could turn back time. As Cher once sang, “If I could turn back time…” You can’t.

People on Facebook that are my friends there still send me requests to click on this and that so that the things they share will not be seen or heard by anyone other than their friends. If you really are interested in that type of intimacy you would either, a) Call someone on the phone and have a conversation; or b) Spend some time in person with somebody. These are two real ways you can preserve your privacy. If you use Facebook you need to accept what you share is with everyone, that your information is out there, and it is pretty much available for all to see who really want to see it…forever. No amount of clicking on this or that within Facebook prevents this. It’s like an accountant to the stars who sees the IRS closing one tax loophole for his clients and then just comes up with another.

Even though LinkedIn is deemed “professional” use and Facebook “personal,” there should be social media that encompass both. Part of being employable is what I call the likeability quotient. You have to be likeable. Human resource types are going to track down your Tweets, your profile on LinkedIn and all the photos of you drinking wildly during happy hour. Why not just have all this stuff conveniently in one place so they don’t have to work so hard?

English: A picture I took of Colwyn Bay in the...

English: A picture I took of Colwyn Bay in the early 2000’s. I donate it to the public domaine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lot of you have been clicking on the “Donate” link (but you haven’t followed through with an actual donation). It’s not blood I’m asking for and don’t worry, funds are not automatically sucked out of your accounts by virtue of your clicking on the link itself. This teasing is a “Looky Louie” trend I hope to change. It’s pretty simple. You visit here, you read, you glean some info, you have a chuckle, you throw me a fiver. Didn’t I say simple?

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