Things I think, bourbon and some football thrown in for good measure

We should all understand that Colorado and Washington will not blow the opportunities they have been given with their marijuana mandates. Other states should follow suit. The plant’s medicinal applications will continue to multiply as studies show how greatly the pros of its use outweigh any cons; additionally, pot is not the Internet, but it has the potential to be a booming source of jobs once the insurance industry finds a way to sit comfortably with its mainstream adoption as legitimate symptom and illness alleviator.

So we are not going to tomahawk Syria after all. Did you just hear that? That is the sound of cooler heads prevailing. Chalk one up for diplomacy.

These are the final days of Alex Rodriguez in a Yankees uniform…maybe any uniform. He was supposed to shatter the all-time home run record as a Yankee, but it didn’t (and won’t) turn out that way.

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve

Roll out the barrels

Roll out the barrels

Toured the Woodford Reserve Bourbon Distillery today in Versailles, KY. Kudos to our host Larry for a wonderful time. The tour began at 10 a.m. and it was over just in time for a pre-lunch tasting of the Distillery’s finest. Larry advised we should sip it and not slam it. Good advice and dee-licious!



Nosing around

Nosing around

Different nosing around

Different nosing around

It is craft beer week here in Louisville, KY. So many choices, but we’ll fight through the dizzying array of places to go to enjoy a craft-blended pint of barley pop. Let it never be said we do not support our local economy. Here here!

The new Yahoo email is slow, ad-laden and I don’t care for it. There, I said it.

Heard they are trying to bring a professional soccer team to Louisville. I am getting used to college sports finally and I don’t know what to think about this. I’m good if pro soccer or football or baseball or basketball or hockey never happens here. It is part of how it is and always has been. I don’t mind not watching millionaires play sports now.

From the one millionaire brother to the other department:

Peyton Manning to Eli Manning: Knock-knock

Eli Manning: Who’s there?

Peyton: Owen

Eli: Owen who?

Peyton: Owen Two

If you work in an office setting, when’s the last time you got a new chair?

If you work from home, when’s the last time you got a new chair?

I love playing guitar around pit fires. Have to do more of this now that my calluses are back.

Who came up with the phrase damned if you do and damned if you don’t? Genius.

Forget a watch. First company that can turn a hand into a smart phone wins. Not having to “hold” it would be the ultimate round of mobile communication innovation.

Yes, there are 400 million reasons to buy a Powerball ticket for Wednesday’s drawing.

Strange seeing James Harrison in a Bengals uniform.

Still strange seeing Andy Reid on the Chiefs sideline.

Strange seeing a Broncos defense so dominant, especially minus Von Miller and Champ Bailey.

Slugger Field in Louisville is one of the best places I have ever seen a professional baseball game—including the major league parks I have been to.

The regular football season is 1/8 over and it’s made me figure out what my choice of super power would be if I could have one. I’d opt for the super power of being able to extend a season (not football) for 90 days. The one that would be extended is fall. Not that football should be played any longer than it is. It is amazing many players make it through 16 regular season games. I’d just like to be able to have fall weather longer. Aside from being able to watch some good heavy snowfall from indoors, winters are inconvenient, springs are filled with allergies and summers are too hot and too long.

These are uncertain economic times indefinitely. CEO’s should start hiring and stop with the lame excuses for not doing so. Uncertain economic conditions will always exist. If you are not going to hire, then take a drastic pay cut and try getting by on much less. Or tell me again how/why you need so much money.

There you have it for now.


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