You never know who you’re talking to

English: Ear. Good for listening.

English: Ear. Good for listening. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Or who’s listening to what you’re saying.

This is because the biggest breaks that we get in life are often by accident. Timing is occasionally key to changing things for the better but we do not know how to control that component of it, nor can we. Unless it is something like an automated, computer-generated command to either sell or buy a stock when it reaches a certain value, timing, breaks, luck and just hitting the sweet spot in general is many times by chance (you can of course visit hittingthesweetspot any time you like, however. :))

We are tuning people out and turning people off that might be able to help us, all the time. For example, let’s say you’re one of those people who love to blare your music with the windows down in your car beyond levels that are conducive to maintaining good hearing in your later years. This is great, I’m thinking, if I’m an audiologist. I will make a killing off the likes of people who do this and come to see me about their hearing loss. While I was in traffic yesterday, there was a car in the left lane that was blasting an “artist” mouthing something way too loud. So loud in fact, the car in the right lane in front of me and next to the car blasting the music, first tried inching up, then back, while we waited for the light to change, so as to be out of the direct path of sound from this mobile noisemaker. I opt for a new word: garbagist. This could be the word critics use to describe “artists” who produce music of questionable value and quality. It is being kind to describe it this way. Let’s face it, what they are producing is garbage and we consume it so we enjoy eating garbage I suppose. But, only if we can regurgitate it and have it pollute those within earshot of it.


Listening (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is not about sound ordinance enforcement, nor am I saying I don’t enjoy playing music loud on occasion, too. If I am rolling 60 miles an hour or more, I am guilty of blasting tunes same as anyone. I enjoy it loud for periods of time. The difference being, I am considerate of those other motorists or pedestrians who might not enjoy hearing my “garbage” music when I am in stop and go traffic. It is just plain rude and it is readily apparent that you are a whole ass (reverse the last two words before the open parentheses for greater impact and intention).

When you engage in behavior like blasting your music in traffic with the windows down you do not impress anyone in a positive fashion. It is just the opposite. You are not even considering the possibility of receiving a break, some good luck or a measure of good fortune as you close yourself off to all around you. You may be the most wonderful person in the world otherwise, but when you are rude, good things just will not come your way. You will perhaps be the recipient of rude behavior as a result of your own rude behavior (receiving a certain hand gesture featuring a prominent middle finger comes to mind).

English: A Photo of Tiggy the talking cat take...

English: A Photo of Tiggy the talking cat taken in her home by her owner. To accompany the article “talking animal” in which Tiggy has a section in the Cats area. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While on the job, we sometimes fall victim to going through the motions. It is hard to muster enthusiasm and excitement when we perform repetitive tasks day in and day out. I understand this. Some of us do not work with many people or the public, and our opportunities for an encounter with someone we would never expect to interact with, is limited. But all of us typically have opportunities to be on the phone when working. How we speak, our tone, if we are helpful, listening well, has the ability to transform the experience occurring at the moment one is having the conversation, as well as what might transpire afterwards. You will be remembered more for all the wrong reasons when you create foul, negative, unhelpful, even rude experiences on the phone, in person and in public (then you will for making someone smile, unfortunately, so that is something to keep in mind).

AA car transport vehicle, Bristol, United Kingdom

AA car transport vehicle, Bristol, United Kingdom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You will not have the benefit of possible future assistance that comes from meeting someone who you interact with respectfully and positively. I sometimes forget that we mostly get back what we put out there.

If you are not happy, I would suggest you at least fake contentment.

A pleasant disposition and manner can go a long way. You might just meet someone who can change your life. It could be the person of your dreams. It could be someone with far-reaching contacts or extensions into a career you might be interested in pursuing. It might be someone who is in a position to give you the break you sorely need. It may be the smile returned after helping someone with a pure spirit; that is, you are compassionate and like to lend a helping hand to those you come across in your daily life who could use it.

Fall is here, or autumn if you prefer. The heat of the long summer has abated. As we enter into our favorite season, hittingthesweetspot knows the value of being mindful of what we communicate. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our readers who quite literally help shape the content we present here. Always cognizant of our voice(s) when speaking, we will continue making contact with new, interesting people, knowing we might catch a break when we remember you never know who you’re talking to.



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