Find, follow your passion for a life worth living

Tree at MN sunsetI believe something is officially a passion when you find yourself actually doing it instead of something else less enjoyable that should take priority and be done first—like a sink full of dirty dishes.

Either that or it is at least something you like more than unexciting, yet mandatory tasks remaining to be fulfilled.

At one time I thought it would be fun to come up with witty Facebook status updates.

But so did a lot of people.

I thought it would be fun to write a blog.

So do a lot of other people.

Witty Facebook statuses were kind of fun for me for a while, but then I was indulging in less than witty ones. They were ones that actually made no sense; gibberish-esque if you will. Sometimes they were still humorous, albeit dry. Sometimes I thought they were comedic gold but no one else did.

“I got cut off by a driver with a Respect Life bumper sticker.”

That was one of my Facebook statuses I did not employ.

Blogging is more fun because writing is a passion for me. I find myself doing it when instead I should be doing the dishes for instance.

When I started off last April, I was given advice that my blog should be topical—that I should write about a certain subject or my content should be restricted to something I consider myself an authority on, or at least somewhat knowledgeable in the field.

As someone who is an expert observer, I felt it would be difficult to write about observation. But in a way, that is exactly what hittingthesweetspot is about: my observations of life.

So hittingthesweetspot is my own personal lookout tower and by virtue of the intimate extension of readership, yours as well.

“I know that you know that I know that you know.”

I think that was an actual Facebook status that made it to my Facebook page. See what I mean?

A blog such as this is much more than an expounding of gibberish.

Some posts resonate with readers and dare I say, offer value–some more than others.

At first I was just writing. Now I will try to include at least a photo with each post. Tying in photos with whatever written content one might have is not always an easy thing. I think it will be creative, not to mention puzzling, to include random photos with no obvious relation to the post I’m writing (it remains to be seen for instance, what photo(s) I might insert here).

Fish in a pondPeople love images, graphics, artwork and pictures. I agree it can help spruce a piece up but it can also take away from the written content.

Taking away from written content is one reason I have not to date included any external links on hittingthesweetspot. You have infinite millions of miles of cyberspace to traverse and should your eyes and cursor find their way to my small neck of the blogosphere, I want you to scroll down and stay awhile. Our attention spans are limited and if we click on a link and it takes us to something that draws our interest anew, you can easily forget the content preceding.

One of my most constant observations is human nature. At its purest, it is human nature to want acceptance, to foster harmony and to create a love-like environment for oneself with abundant, mutual caring for others and they in turn, for us. When we stray from this most pristine human condition and let our egos take over, we can begin to lose control over our goodness.

Have you ever let someone take credit for something good you were chiefly responsible for—empowering them and lifting them up so they might gain an increased measure of self-esteem—knowing that the greatest gains to be had in one’s life are those you helped others make? Are you a boss, supervisor or manager who acts as a mentor, who practices learning through errors and mistakes your subordinates make by teaching and also taking responsibility for them?

You hit life’s sweet spot when you go to bat for someone who needs it.

This blog has become a passion of mine, and while at times silly and ridiculous in its content (the dishes are still not quite done as I close), I also see it as a path that you and I can walk together—hopefully becoming better human beings with each step taken, each observation made, each comment left and each story told.

Follow your passion indeed.



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  1. I had to laugh because I get online and tell myself just an hour and then it becomes, well, a half or more, to when I finish this and then finally I start reading blogs thinking “it’ll wait until tomorrow!”


    • I was just going to finish the dishes but I’m still so very passionate about the blog and especially the comments! The community that is the WordPress blogosphere can’t wait, dishes can (for a bit longer 😉 I agree wholeheartedly with what you’re saying/experiencing and feel more connected via sentiments expressed like yours. Thank you!


      • It’s good to know we aren’t alone. Tomorrow I am putting up my post and then I’m going to do the wash. For sure… (smiles)


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