Dracula knows it’s more like roaring twenties than end times

Party on GarthIf I could chat with a vampire or anyone with immortality I suspect they would relate present days feel more like the 1920s and less like the end of the world.

“The end of the world?”


“While many of you mere mortals are tired of your miserable lives, you will befall no such preferred fate.”

“You are destined to continue the struggle your lives have become.”

“And you have Ben Bernanke to thank for this.”


But you really can’t argue or debate with ol’ Drac.

He’s lived through it all and knows the world isn’t going anywhere on Dec. 21st.

Although some people will be getting all Mayan and having end of the world parties, it really is all based in fun (see the little sidebar calendar countdown to the end of the world).

Ol’ Drac had more to say…

“The twenties were most similar to today. You had some wealthy people enjoying themselves, living it up, but most of the population was poor and struggling.”

Babe Ruth and the Flapper Girls popularized our notions of what the twenties were—raucous good times fueled by booze, abundance and lasciviousness.”

Drac went on to say that people tend to party a lot when they feel the good times could quite possibly be coming to an end.

This makes sense to me.

Then, like now, see restaurants, eateries, pubs and clubs brimming with activity and patrons. People end up dining out less when they are trying to weather lean times or remaining within budget. But the masses staying home and making do with home-cooked meals are outshined on television and in the media by those revelers seeking steady good times.

You. Must. Have. Fun (and spend beyond your means repeatedly, too!).

Many of us are running up debt on our plastic once more. We are told things are better but somehow it just does not feel really true.

The affluent represent the minority of people while also representing the majority of people who are still able to go out on a regular basis.

Drac understands the disconnect most of the rest of us have.

“Those humans of modest means are wondering how all this excess is still flourishing while they struggle to pay their rents.”

Best statement by Drac in this piece so far, don’t you think?

I also like how he lets me get back to the narrative on my own before interjecting his snippets again.

Ring of FireI feel like a killjoy when I remind you dear readers of how out of control the Federal Reserve’s balance sheets are.

QE (Quantitative Easing) to infinity tends to do those kinds of things.

With the stock market bubble once again nicely inflated, our 401ks buoyed by its bull run, we feel secure on paper once more while carrying seemingly comfortable amounts of consumer debt (can one really ever have comfortable levels of debt?).

The dollar is the world’s reserve currency still because it remains the best of the worst fiat currencies.

Cash may still be king in every day use but we don’t get how precarious everything is. As long as the dollar remains number one, the good times can still roll here for the rich and famous.

“Silly mortals are oblivious to the pain ahead,” concludes Drac, “so they party like there will be no tomorrow.”

But after we have our fun with Mayan madness festivals and extravaganzas, there will most definitely be a tomorrow agrees Drac. He does remain somewhat optimistic about our prospects, too, while revealing his affinity for Jim Morrison.

“Live it up, mortals. No one here gets out alive, except me, of course.”



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