Donald Trump, like you, if you think about it, could very well be ‘that guy’

English: Melania Trump at the QVC Red Carpet S...

English: Melania Trump at the QVC Red Carpet Style Party, Four Seasons Hotel, Los Angeles, CA on February 25, 2011 – Photo by Glenn Francis of http://www.PacificProDigital.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He was a guy like you.

And he was a guy so very different than you.

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

And yet he made his way after an initial family investment…on his own.

Donald Trump tapped into a piece of Americana that speaks to hard work.

He saw where people who worked hard needed a voice.

And his opponent was someone who didn’t care, or at least didn’t seem to see the point, until she was defeated and decided to desperately contest an election via recount after the fact.

People are tired and they are tired of hoping for something better to come their way. I understand where that ideology comes from. I also understand why people continue to love an underdog.

Donald Trump was the millionaire underdog. He didn’t tap into this country’s feelings so much as the country tapped into him and wanted to identify with someone who would take their interests to heart.

Donald Trump is like cheap beer. He is someone who understands what makes America’s underbelly tick.

He won’t make America Great Again. But, he’ll either wonder why the American people elected him or he’ll figure out a way to govern because of his ability to learn quickly (with the help of smart aids around him). Either way, we’ll change and so will he.

That may not be so much good as it is bad, but that said, it’s understatedly a form of genius when someone who runs for office decides to just throw away convention and make due with something free: telling it the way the ordinary, normal person would understand it to be so.

Hillary Clinton lost the election and as word would have it, had Obama tell her to concede to Trump. That speaks of a defeated person. And a defeated person should understand that sometimes it is best left to not say anything regarding why or how something went down the way it did (nor to bother with seeking the benefit of the doubt with respect to dignity surrounding participating in a recount of swing states).

I don’t normally get involved in politics, but I see how fervent people are about this election cycle. And I understand how difficult it must be for someone like Hillary Clinton to participate in said recount of certain swing states.

I don’t understand all of the decisions career politicians make. But, I can use the Linux operating system on the desktop, believe it or not, as a metaphor for so much of how I feel regarding the way things are.

(Donald Trump &) Melania enter the Oscar de la...

(Donald Trump &) Melania enter the Oscar de la Renta Fashion Show, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Linux is free.

No one complains about it with the exception of those who would feel passionately enough about it not succeeding.

Linux is not without its shortcomings, but it is free.

Donald Trump tapped into the mindset of a country who wanted change. It wasn’t just about white, uneducated people. If white, uneducated people could decide an election, it would imply they know how to register to vote…and to do so in great numbers, too. I can’t make that leap of faith.

People feel we lose a lot of things when politically-speaking, things don’t fall our way.

Call me simplistic, but I feel it’s much easier than that regarding how we decide to do the things we do (like who we vote for).

Donald Trump was someone like you.

He didn’t know what he was doing before he decided to plunge ahead and run for president.

He didn’t know who he’d piss off in the process.

He also didn’t care about why or who would get upset with him.

He was just a guy who said what he said in order to get elected—ironically enough, just like a career politician.

That’s not something to get upset about.

It’s just something that was said, just like any other person running for political office.

And now his action will decide how we think about him from here on out.

Just like you and I.


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