A few observations before it gets really dark

I want to see a movie where it says at the beginning, “Based on an untrue story.”

This would be better than all the ones that say based on a true story. When did true stories get such sway? Yes, I get that untrue stories scream bullshit, but bullshit can be fun, especially if the movie is well written. Just sayin’.

I think while bullshit in real life can be defeating, in movies it can be a scream. Bullshit is entertaining. True stories are boring on the big screen by comparison. Ok, enough with that bullshit.

I saw a poster where a dog is being walked by his owner and there’s a bubble over the dog’s head with a nice sky, sunshine, trees and green lawn. The dog owner’s bubble has so many things in it it’s clutter, stress and distraction all balled up into one. The caption reads something like, “This is why your dog is happier than you.”

I saw it on Facebook, so there must be some merit to this. Facebook is where everybody gets anything they need. Well, maybe, everything they need from the Internet. I post my blogs on Facebook, but it’s not to a bobskelley.com Facebook page or anything. It’s just the personal Facebook page I have with only my friends seeing these links to my posts.

Both of my fans really appreciate that I make my blog posts automatically available on Facebook when newly published. Thing is, Facebook is the weakest advertiser of my posts since I don’t have that many friends on Facebook. I wonder sometimes, if someone with no friends at all on Facebook, posts a link to one of their blogs via their Facebook page, does anyone click it?

Bullshit Ahead warning in style of warning roa...

Bullshit Ahead warning in style of warning road sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suppose I could figure this out as I have a lot of things in life, for myself, but I choose to leave it unexplored and consequently lacking an answer. I’m ok with that.

Fixing things is bittersweet because nothing lasts forever. If after you fix something, if the fix could last as long as you needed it to, that would be cool.

A dog trainer once told me to let my dog listen to classical music when I wasn’t in the home. She said they like it best. I guess I’m like my dog. He likes it and so do I. In fact, the more I listen to classical music, the more everything else just really seems like noise. The dog trainer also said classical music helps keep a dog calm. I suppose it does, although for the most part I’m gone when it’s on.

I’d like to think classical music keeps me calmer, too. I still get annoyed at other drivers, but I feel less the urge to act out about it, save for natural instinct like cursing or muttering under your breath as you successfully avoid a driver who evidently isn’t listening to classical music on the car radio like you.

Yes, you’re supposed to pay attention to the road and vehicles in front of you while driving, but I can’t help but notice timeless things like road construction workers doing their job. Well, the scene I’m thinking of is the one where there’s one guy spreading the patch gravel asphalt around a pothole with his shovel while six other dudes prop themselves up on their shovels watching him work.

Evidently, as I’ve observed more than a time or two on this here blog, it’s very relaxing watching someone else perform physical labor.

I usually try to give credit to others for various saying and things. But, this is one of those random, stream of consciousness type of posts. So, in keeping with just throwing stuff out there and going from one thing to the ‘nother, someone once said that if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Or something like that.

20150714_104410I love what I do and I don’t consider this work. It’s just something that brings a smile to my face and allows me to fit in as a speck in this small corner of the blogosverse. People say that if jobs didn’t suck they wouldn’t call it work, which implies that if you love your job it’s not called work, but what is it called, then? Love function? Labor of smiles? Occupational endorphin? Life purpose?

Perhaps the latter. Yeah, that’s it. Just the right bullshit to end something that began with big ideas of an untrue story, full of entertaining bullshit and things that make more sense in fiction than reality. Come to think of it, it’s a lot like life. Take your best shot, work hard, swing for the fences and never give up. Even if you don’t achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of, at least you tried. That’s more than most.

Fade to black as the sun sets and the sweet spot goes dark until next time.



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