On Valentine’s Day, get the gift yourself

English: 'I'm Lovin It' — HM1(FMF) Fred Turner...

English: ‘I’m Lovin It’ — HM1(FMF) Fred Turner swipes his gift card in McDonald’s new card machine, April 4. The new machine now allows customers to use debit, credit or gift cards to purchase food. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I tried to pull the “Got so busy your Valentine’s Day present won’t come ’til Monday” card, and the florist tripped me up.

They actually delivered flowers, balloons and chocolates on Friday. I had paid for Sunday delivery, and the delivery dude called me to confirm if anyone would be home before he dropped off the flowers. I told him I had paid for Sunday delivery. He politely replied he could take them back and hold until Sunday or deliver them now. I said to deliver them now.

Ordering flowers and such online for Valentine’s Day somewhat parallels how Don Draper used to instruct his secretary to take care of things like that. Well, today, executive secretaries are still taking care of things like this but they are doing it via computer and mobile apps.

If you’re going to order flowers for Valentine’s Day for your significant other or that special someone in your life, you need to do it yourself. If you can’t manage a computer or smart phone then you need to get to the florist and just do it the old-fashioned way: facing a person and having a conversation.

English: Card and gift shop, St Marychurch Pre...

English: Card and gift shop, St Marychurch Precinct Forget-me-not sells cards, balloons, and gifts. For nearby shops see http://www.geograph.org.uk/gallery/st_marychurch_torbay_shops_etc_9887 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The thing about Valentine’s Day and any other gift giving day for that matter is it is the thought that counts. When you slough off the task to someone else, it is not demonstrating much thought or consideration on your part. Yes, using a computer or smart phone to arrange delivery and such is somewhat impersonal, but it is more personal than having someone else do it, while being less personal than walking to the florist and taking care of it yourself.

Thoughtfulness and remembering go hand in hand on gift giving holidays. In addition to not having someone else perform the deed for you, another thing to keep in mind is that some people prefer gifts that demonstrate your thoughtfulness. That is, sometimes, we run short on time (and imagination) and opt for the convenience of a gift card. Then we try and justify the gift card purchase.

“They can get whatever they want.”

“They love that store, they’ll find something.”

“What person wouldn’t enjoy an all-day spa package there!?”

English: Assortment of gift cards

English: Assortment of gift cards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was trying to recall if I ever gave the creative cash-in-a-card gift for Valentine’s Day. Seems I probably have for occasions like birthdays and such, but I can’t say as I’m fixated on Valentine’s Day for this column.

“Oh Bob, just what I wanted…cold, hard cash, thank you!”

“You know that’s one thing a girl can never have too much of, Bob, memory, good looks and money, thank you!”

Remember the time you had someone tell you they didn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day? That all they needed was you?

A woman thinking

A woman thinking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sure you do, because you made the mistake of taking them at their word and not giving them anything (and after committing a transgression like this you tend to remember it the rest of your life).

When someone tells you they don’t want anything for their birthday, their anniversary, your anniversary, for Valentine’s Day or for Executive Secretary’s day, you would be wise to remember that this is code for, “Pay no attention to what I just said and make sure you remember me with an appropriate gift that demonstrates your thoughtfulness of the occasion.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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