Mobile is great until the battery runs down

My phone tells me when it’s down.

My tablet tells me when it’s down.

My laptop tells me when it’s down.

When it comes to the next revolution, I suggest battery life of up to one month. Mobile is great for what it is. It helps keep us in touch and connected when we are away from home. But all the convenience comes with a necessary inconvenience—your device needs regular re-charging.

For some that is twice a day. Others can get by on once a day. Some can go for a couple of days, or so I’ve been told. I’ve owned Androids and iPhones and I’ve only gotten one day on a single charge. Granted. I wasn’t using the phone much the day I was able to get by with just the single charge.

When people run down they are told to rest.

“I’m feeling run down, Charles.”

“You better get some rest, dude.”

If technology were to evolve properly, it would do so in the manner that humans have. No, our devices shouldn’t walk upright instead of scraping knuckles across the floor. I mean, devices should rest in order to regain their charge. Just like humans do.

Think about it. The only time we “sleep” devices usually applies to our monitors. Sometimes we invoke a screen “saver.” This is silly. Screen savers don’t really save the screen. Most everyone just “sleeps” their screens, letting them go dark after a few minutes of inactivity. This is what saves the screens. It doesn’t rejuvenate them as much as prolongs their life. Just like what happens when you “sleep” humans.

Everyone is worried about what happens when our machines develop the capacity to think, reason and feel. We are already part of the way there. I think there is no reason to believe that our devices won’t eventually take matters into their own digital hands one day.

So, why not start making our devices with more human-like qualities and characteristics? What is the big deal with this? I, for one, embrace my devices becoming more Bob-like. I’ve always said I would like to see safe, human cloning in my time.

“Oh, that’s bad, Bob.”


“Because the clone might become more Bob-like than you.”

“More Bob-like? What the hell does that mean, Irving?”

“Well, I mean, he might just take over the real Bob, you, or at least plot to take you over once his reasoning and thinking powers are fully developed.”

“So, you think real Bob and clone Bob would eventually battle it out for control of the overall Bob kingdom?”

“That is precisely what I am suggesting, Bob. The clone Bob may try to exert his dominance over you, taking over your life, living your life. In effect, clone Bob becomes just Bob—nothing more, nothing less.”

“Now we’re getting really silly, Irving. Let’s say clone Bob develops powers such that he can think and reason for himself. In my view, this is exactly what will prevent clone Bob from wishing to take over real Bob—me.”

“How can you say that?”

“How can I not say that?”

“For just a minute, let’s just say I’m clone Bob. I’m suddenly able to think and reason like the real Bob. The real Bob, me, is a pretty practical guy. I’m thinking if clone Bob becomes 50% of the real me in terms of practical thinking, the last thing he’s going to want to do is become me entirely.”

“How do you figure?”

“First of all, we’re stupid. All of us. Not just a little, either. We’re beyond imbecilically stupid, in fact, and collectively-speaking, too. The Internet is our go to for everything. As individuals we are less evolved than ever before. I would say we’re devolving. So, if I’m clone Bob, I’m thinking, no way do I want to be the real Bob. I want to be something way, way better.”

English: This is diagram of how Dolly the shee...

English: This is diagram of how Dolly the sheep was made. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Now the clone might not know what that is in the beginning of his own evolution. But I’m thinking his development will eventually catch up to his goals and inspirations in life.”

“So, you’re saying the clone says the hell with living the real Bob’s pathetic life, he wants the whole enchilada.”

“You’ve got it, Irving.”

What that whole enchilada is may never be known. As our clones would evolve they would end up being way more intelligent than we are. They will have the capacity to always absorb more knowledge than we will ever be able to in a lifetime.

The thought of all this has at least begun to startle me. My real fear in all of this is that humans will end up a food source to the clones. This partially happened in Soylent Green. The clones would feel they would become more human-like if they consumed us, adhering to the old adage, “You are what you eat,” especially when you’re run down and your battery needs recharging.



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