Dog whisperer, vascular neurosurgeon…it’s all good

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After accidentally glancing at the jobs section of our local newspaper and wondering why it bothers at all with such things in print form (dwindling revenues aside), I at once felt the need for the help wanted section of local newspapers to make a comeback.

I’m not holding my breath, though.

I see that CareerBuilder.com works in conjunction with the jobs section in not only our local paper but in many newspapers across the country. I know that CareerBuilder is still utilized at career services departments of colleges across the country, but its print presence is nothing but token representation and again, for whatever remaining revenues available in help wanted sections.

Dog Park_2009-03-13_IMG_5473.JPG

Dog Park_2009-03-13_IMG_5473.JPG (Photo credit: Jim’s Photos1)

LinkedIn, for better or worse is where all the jobs can be found these days. I was especially delighted, pleased and pumped up to all get up that they thought I might be interested in a vascular neurosurgeon job. This must have been suggested to me because of my recently becoming a certified Medical Coder. I can see how LinkedIn might have thought this to be a natural career progression. Even though I am credentialed (CPC-A), it might be hard getting through medical school based on my coding prowess, though. But still, it’s not impossible. I like how LinkedIn encourages us to shoot for the stars.

That said, I wonder what the world could be missing with me as a vascular neurosurgeon. I’m hesitant to even google it because it sounds important and distinguished just pronouncing it.

vascular bundles

vascular bundles (Photo credit: green.thumbs)

For the sake of argument, let’s say I never became a Medical Coder. Would LinkedIn have suggested the surgeon route for me? I know some of my work in financial printing as well as my relatively novice undertakings in the medical field have led some (well, actually, not really anyone) to consider my work precision-tuned—sort of like the work of a vascular neurosurgeon. Forgive me, but I can’t stop saying or typing vascular neurosurgeon. It’s as if LinkedIn would know I would be compelled to write about it here. I really can’t blame them in this respect, however, as it’s really a majestic title. I can’t imagine how it looks on a business card, too.

Unfortunately, a good deal of my time these days is spent as a dog whisperer. I know, I know. You’re thinking how did I become a dog whisperer? Have I had any formal training? And by god, why oh why can’t we find any such jobs on LinkedIn? Well, the answer is I didn’t just become a dog whisperer; I always have been. It’s just that now I am a dog whisperer to dogs that are deaf—it’s sort of a subset of your garden-variety dog whisperer (that I was before I started whispering to our dog (who is deaf)).


Maybe it’s a stretch, but I’m thinking trying to communicate with a deaf dog is a little like the communication that takes place with some vascular neurosurgeons (did I mention how much I love that word?) and their patients—especially when they’re performing surgery on their vascular neuros. Neuros rhymes with euros. Are there such things as vascular eurosurgeons? Perhaps one day LinkedIn will send me a job suggestion if the job is actually ever formed or created, like when the Federal Reserve and/or European central banks raise interest rates. That is when we’ll surely have need for vascular eurosurgeons.

Until then I will soldier on. The dog just whispered. She has needs. We must go out now that breakfast is finished and take care of some business. It’s a job you won’t find in the help wanted section, either.

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