Reboot Friday: October 4, 2013

Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection an...

Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank goodness for Reboot Fridays…

One of the most troubling developments of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is workers’ spouses being forced off health coverage plans they were told would be safe from the law’s sweeping changes. The promise (ahead of time) their plans were safe undoubtedly helped make the ACA an easier sell for President Obama. Another problem with the ACA is how some workers’ health coverage plans have been discontinued with the ACA’s implementation. This is not a coincidence. This was another part of the ACA that many of us took as gospel pre law passage: we were told the same coverage we’ve always had would continue through the ACA changes that would bring health care to the uninsured masses. This school of thought never considered it has always been (and always will be?) at the sole discretion of insurance companies what policies are available. Even though under the ACA you cannot be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions and there is no lifetime benefit maximum, restricting your choices to plans other than the ones you always have enjoyed makes a lot of people feel duped. Plus, there are many people still resenting being forced into health insurance pools they never had to swim before. The debate will continue as will the ACA’s not-ready-for-prime-time rollout.


One in seven students has defaulted on their student loan debt obligations, which begs the question of young people already holding degrees in hand, pressed under staggering loan debt and jobless, “Would you still have gone the college route knowing what you do now?” The increasing numbers of young people reconsidering the value of a college education are not a bad thing. Being six figures in debt in your twenties with no chance of repaying it anytime soon merits serious consideration for options other than college.


Unplugged - no computer, no internet, possible?

Unplugged – no computer, no internet, possible? (Photo credit: photosteve101)

Which brings me to older workers in fear of being displaced or who are already displaced and need to reenter the work force…

You’ve heard it to the point it probably makes you want to hurl, but consider improving your skills or learning new ones. In order to be successful, you have to be surgical in your approach to employment. Hopefully, you have some cash stashed, too, to take a class or two to learn skills for a new field. Even if you are working and your job seems secure, enrolling in some kind of online study to learn new skills for a different job will serve you as a good backup plan when things might suddenly go south. If you are one of those people who refuse to take action until your backs are against the wall, I wish you good luck as you’ll most certainly need it. Short of any of this, if you know someone who knows someone, that will always trump any other job hunting “technique,” especially for the older worker. Aging workers need to utilize networking even more so than younger workers, who will typically be given jobs over older workers, even when their credentials do not stack up as well on paper as older workers’ do.


Look at that…

Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor were fighting online yesterday; they are still fighting today. Yawn

I love watching baseball managers and coaches giving signs from the dugout and from the coaching boxes. No offense to Peyton Manning and his gyrations, these guys are more entertaining.

You don’t want to know what’s in chicken nuggets. So why do you bother reading about it?

Another day with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s in October. Relief will soon be on the way. zzzzzzz

The voice of Siri has been determined, I mean outed, I mean revealed, I mean, who cares. *big snoring sound*

I can’t help it if it’s a slow news day

LinkedIn keeps bugging me to pay to see the entire list of people who have checked out my profile. Must. Maintain. Consciousness.

More LinkedInI’ll upgrade once they make a donation here. Seems fair enough, right?

Twitter is losing money according to their S-1. But people who think fast growth will eventually offset any future losses will buy the stock anyway. How’s that for cutting edge analysis?

Mouths seem to be the only thing working still during the government shutdown.

Too Big To Fail really should have been Too Big To Succeed.

If you receive a fortune cookie whose fortune is but a blank slip of paper, what is the universe trying to tell you?

Looks like Dusty Baker will be gone as Reds manager according to AP sources. I like Dusty, but you can’t fire the whole team for not performing and so the manager becomes the scapegoat.

Tweetmaker: the new word for ultra successful Twitter users.

This blog has moved so quickly today that it’s finally getting out of its own way.

Evidence of a lonely existence: singing “Happy Birthday to Me” on more than one birthday.

I like TV game shows that feature wild game.

Everything I needed to know I did not learn in kindergarten.

Pet peeve: people on the other side of walls in your apartment.

Would you be alright with the world knowing technology has maxed out? That is, technologically-speaking, all the great innovation we currently enjoy in our gadgets won’t ever get significantly better? Just wondering as besides faster processors and better screens, what else really can we look forward to?

Greater China. Note the oval Tarim Basin, the ...

Greater China. Note the oval Tarim Basin, the dryer area separating Inner and Outer Mongolia and the projection of steppe into Manchuria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Soooo, China was taking most (all?) of our recycling material all these years. I knew it! I had always heard recycling was not a money maker and it only makes sense that it was easier (and more profitable) to let China take our trash, I mean, recyclables, than to process them here in this country. China putting its foot down trying to clean up its environment by no longer accepting all of our trash, I mean recyclables, is a win-win, however. China is less toxic and we find out if this country is really serious about its recycling programs.

Alex Rodriguez is suing Major League Baseball. Damn, I almost made it through a Reboot Friday without an A-Rod mention.

And now for the subliminal celebrity portion of Reboot Friday…

Kate Upton.


Madonna (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




B.J. Upton.


Justin Upton.


Lawrence Welk.

The wonderful Bobby and Sissy.

And we’re outta here. Have a great weekend.


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