Hump days are made for GOOD ‘tudes

One of eight Tomahawk cruise missiles launches...

One of eight Tomahawk cruise missiles launches from the bow of the USS Laboon (DDG-58) Arleigh Burke class destroyer to attack selected air defense targets in Iraq on Sept. 3, 1996. The U.S. Navy Arliegh Burke class destroyer launched the missiles at 7: 15 a.m. local time as it operated in the Persian Gulf. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On a day that is fast becoming my favorite day of the week–hump day, there are far too many of us out there with bad attitudes. The bad ‘tude keeps us from being all we can be, spreading light and sunshine, feeling hopeful and running positively and unknowingly smack dab into the middle of a pre-Thursday brick wall.

People are expecting things to get worse. When I try to narrow down what these things are, I hear, “Bob, it’s ALL getting worse!” Well, if it’s all getting worse I suppose I should not say things like the worst is over, or it’s always brightest, wait, I mean, darkest, before the dawn, if you see a fork in the road take it (not mine, Yogi’s), have some faith in our politicians…ouch! Maybe I take that one back.

If we choose to stay out of conflict with Syria, I will conclude that reports of hope’s demise are greatly exaggerated. I will hope that (unlike the Affordable Care Act) our representatives in Congress read all the fine print before agreeing it is alright to launch missiles from offshore.

English: President Barack Obama's signature on...

English: President Barack Obama’s signature on the health insurance reform bill at the White House, March 23, 2010. The President signed the bill with 22 different pens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Speaking of offshore (which already has a negative connotation all its own when it comes to the economy and jobs), it would seem that even offshore missiles can contribute to our collective poor attitudes. Wednesday, a.k.a. “Hump Day,” should be a day that puts us “over the hump” in terms of positive gains for the week.

For me, hump day means getting through the bulk of my finals this week in school. It would be great if all I did was devote myself to studying for these finals, but as I feel students either know it or we do not at this point, I will not have spent an inordinate amount of time re-learning what I have attended class for this quarter. Will I review? Sure, and I have, but it is clearly impossible, not to mention unrealistic, to master what you may not have done the work for or paid attention to, up to this point, in just a few short days.

FINAL EXAMS 2011 021

This philosophy towards how I approach finals week is my way of limiting risk. Do our politicians in Washington limit risk when instead of assessing hot spot situations around the globe all along, they do so in a matter of a few short, critical hours without fully comprehending this approach may not even be remotely in the best security interests of the United States?

Hump days should be for celebrating, not for adding to already tense situations. Again, I call for the exhaustion of all diplomatic efforts before committing to any further acts of aggression that will contribute to our collective bad attitudes as a nation.

It may be overly simplistic, but firing Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syria is a classic case of two wrongs not making a right. Once we embark on yet another path of aggression, our strategic “aims” notwithstanding, we have no idea where this will end up.

Let me sum up what the most likely outcome for this course of action is: bad; check that…really bad.

Author Frank Scoblete

Author Frank Scoblete (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coming tomorrow: (a.k.a. Day after Hump Day): Hittingthesweetspot Interview with Frank Scoblete

The last time I worked a four-day work week schedule, it was with the provision of variable days off. That is, each week, I had a different day off. My favorite day off was Wednesday–hump day.

Hump day was the perfect day of the week to get away from the rat race for 24 hours at a clip. Living in one of the best places I have found on earth–Colorado, I was able to forsake the job in Denver, for the mountains of the Front Range. There was no traffic on the climbing and winding mountain roads leading to the small towns that were my destination. There was no feeling of being trapped in the wheel like a hamster or behind the wheel like a rush hour motorist. My attitude was fantastic; I was recharging by doing some free form activities, without structure, devoid of either time, space constraints or work deadlines, and would arrive at work the next morning ready to finish the week strong.

English: Dromedary camel in outback Australia,...

English: Dromedary camel in outback Australia, near Silverton, NSW. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And now back to your hump day in progress…

Did you hear the one about the magician that was walking down the street on Hump Day and turned into a drug store?

Happy Hump Day! How’s yours been?


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