Critical thinking best antidote to marketing charisma

English: Title: "No, No! Not That Way&quo...

English: Title: “No, No! Not That Way” Location: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although they may claim otherwise, marketers still do not quite understand what it is that I need most. What other explanation could there be for my still getting beautiful Russian women want to meet me spam almost every other day in my email inboxes?

What is the deal with Match.com wanting me to sign up? I think these marketing people are just not doing their homework otherwise they would know I have not been “on the market” for quite some time (I just cracked myself up (self LOL) with that one).

All these lousy ads barking at me from every which direction on pages I visit online make my head ache. I do not get actual headaches, but my head and eyes are sore from the same blondes and brunettes who show up in sidebar flash animation displays until I have to click away from them, and away from them and away from them…

It makes me glad I can bring our readers an ad free hittingthesweetspot by Bob Skelley. Here all you get is original content devoid of any marketing pitches—direct or indirect. Sure, there is a “Donate” link, but that is not so in your face. It is at the top of the page, but I think it is pretty discreet. I thank those readers who contribute towards keeping the flow of fresh information and stories coming here. Without this support, you would quite probably be inundated with beautiful Russian women who would like to meet you. How sad would that be?

English: Map of USA showing that have no state...

English: Map of USA showing that have no state income tax, as of July 2005, in red. They are mostly in the American West. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to dating and relationships, however, I think if the federal government was a potential romantic suitor of mine, I would not become too hot and heavy too soon. After all, if you cannot trust who you are going out with, that you doubt the sincerity of what you hear from their lips, it probably is best to go slowly. But even if you do proceed at a more cautious pace or eventually (gasp) consider taking a break, I suspect the federal government is like a bad ex (is that redundant?) who never really can leave your life for good. That little thing called income tax comes to mind as one example of having to still get along (much like people who stay married for the sake of the kids).

Okay, so perhaps you do not like that analogy. What if the federal government was a business or publicly owned company? Would you still do business with them or buy their stock when credibility is a concern and balance sheets are so in the red you think it is Christmas all year round? What, you say we are broke and out of money? Money is like pizza, man—you can always just make more, the difference being, however, that money does not taste nearly as good.

Everywhere you go marketing is there

Marketing is ubiquitous in our lives. Instead of cars, governments sell us ideologies and calls to action. For everything the government decides to be hands off about (hello marijuana lovers in Colorado and Washington!), they can screw it up with deciding they should become involved with something that may not require intervention. Kids ask permission to stay up late to watch a certain show on TV. The President asks Congress for permission to do certain things. Just like kids who will do what they want whether they get permission or not, the President will do what he feels he has to do whether Congress approves or not.

Counties of Great Britain

Counties of Great Britain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing can be kept a secret any more. It is hard to know what the right thing to do is. We all search our souls before making important decisions that affect the lives of family and friends around us. The leader of the free world is tasked with doing the right thing for the country. I am pretty sure that as disgusting as the deaths of people being exposed to chemical weapons in another part of the world is, I am looking no further than Great Britain’s rejection of assistance, in terms of where the U.S. should be taking its cues from.

All things considered, I do not think we are able to limit or contain strategic strikes. We could try, but the risk for escalation and unwanted further aggression dictate otherwise. I vote for diplomacy. Until we exhaust all forms of diplomacy when it comes to avoiding physical confrontation of all kinds, refuse to lose to the long arm of marketers who try to sell you something you do not need, or influence you towards an action you feel is wrong—no matter who espouse it.


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