Lost keys prelude to gratitude, Thanksgiving Eve fun

At least for me…

I lost my keys earlier today, albeit temporarily and it served to remind me that no matter how many big plans are underway for Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Eve is where the real fun of the two time periods, can be had.

Thanksgiving Day can be a lot of work for folks hosting dinner. For all of you out there opening up your homes to family and friends, although there may be some preparation the night before, Thanksgiving Eve is a time when you should have some fun.

Not that you can’t have fun Thanksgiving Day. But oftentimes, folks hosting cannot truly relax until the end of the day, when everyone has already eaten and everything has been cleaned up and put away.

I am always thankful to folks who host and when I lost my keys today, I wondered how often something like this happens to people in the midst of performing or planning something for groups of people and can’t just stop everything to look for their keys like I did.

Back when I was a kid, some of my friends’ moms would pray to St. Anthony to help them find their keys when they were misplaced. It usually happened at the worst times, too (not the praying to St. Anthony, but the losing of the keys).

“Please St. Anthony, help me find my keys.”

Please St. Anthony, HELP ME find my keys.”

And then after five more minutes of frantic searching…

Please, St. Anthony, please! I REALLY NEED YOU TO HELP ME FIND MY KEYS!!!”

And voila, there they suddenly turned up!

It’s a miracle that something like rice pudding doesn’t get completely messed up while a key search is underway. Things like losing keys while you are preparing everything for Thanksgiving dinner parties could surely dampen your holiday spirit.

I seem to remember the late, great George Carlin referring to St. Anthony as the patron saint of lost keys in one of his skits. But St. Anthony was supposed to be the patron saint of lost things. We seem to lose keys more than anything else, though, and I lost mine today.

I chalked it up to Mercury still being in retrograde, but that was just my take on the whole situation.

I knew they were in the house and I was strangely glad I wasn’t going to be preparing Thanksgiving Dinner. We are going to a friend’s house this year and I hope they don’t lose their keys.

The night before Thanksgiving should be plenty fun, though. I hear it’s one of the best bar nights of the year. Everyone is in town that you used to know from the old days, but in my case, there are no old days as I’ve only been living here a month; guess you could say I’m working on establishing some new old days.

Eventually finding my keys in the corner of one of the couch cushions started off memories of past Thanksgivings spent when we would go around the table and each say what we were thankful for. I think it’s important to verbalize what we are thankful for not only on Thanksgiving, but also as much as possible on other days.

So, although it was a couple of days before Thanksgiving, I was already thankful for something. The dog was looking at me like she knew exactly where the keys were. I, in fact, unsuspectingly dropped them while I was greeting her after work and there they lay until the next morning, making me late for an appointment before I could find them afterwards.

Have some fun Thanksgiving Eve and be thankful for what you have on Thanksgiving Day, and all year round. St. Anthony will always be there, too, should you lose something and need his help. What you find when you are grateful and happy for the blessings you have, however, is priceless and can’t be had for sale this Black Friday.

Be safe and Happy Thanksgiving, all.


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