It felt like the year was over but it was only Thanksgiving Eve.

He was experiencing one of the symptoms of premature year-end syndrome–the new fatigue and cumulative stress-related sensation that’s sweeping the nation.

But it didn’t feel glamorous (to him) that the masses typically experience this as yet unnamed and unrecognized malady. There was just a sense of relief at an accurate self-diagnosis.

He scanned for deals he wasn’t interested in; there were several of them.

Understanding that purchases for the year-end holiday would probably need to be made over the next few weeks, he realized once more if the goal is to find things to buy that do not excite him, his annual mission of satisfying friends and loved ones will once again be met without strain and most certainly with benefit of gusto.

This is why he thinks everyone is stressed out by the time they’re supposed to be celebrating with ho ho ho’s and mistletoe kisses.

Save for a physical, it perked him up he was fortunate enough not to require the services of a medical provider (so far) this year.

And save for an upcoming six-month checkup, he was elated at having escaped serious dental bills (so far) this year.

For him, it was starting to click how there is indeed plenty to be grateful and thankful for this Thanksgiving–not the least of which is good health and the ability to keep doing the things he loves–which tend to vary from year to year.

He thinks it interesting that some people are deliberate and resolute when they state they avoid malls and brick and mortar stores on Black Friday weekend.

He avoids them not because he can shop online (which he does), but because he is grateful to not be on the roads with tons of stressed out and less than focused drivers.

They have devices that can measure the levels of alcohol in motorists’ bodies and they are working on some instruments that will measure the degree of THC residing in the tissues of stony cruisers.

But so far there is no tool available that gauges the degree of stress a motorist is undergoing at any given time they’re behind the wheel.

If there were, he believes the levels of stress are probably, and will continue to be, staggering from here on out until the end of the year.

He loves that it’s cold out, though, and he gives thanks that while humidity can manifest itself in bone-stinging chill, the experiences of perspiring as soon as he gets out of the shower are relegated to waiting until the end of spring to resume.

The little things are some of the best things in life he knows they say.

Accordingly, he smiles at the thought of masses who give thanks for their phones.

He gives thanks for thinking inside, outside and around the box–whether the box is something as innocuous as a phone or as complex as a state of mind.

And finally he is eternally grateful at the prospect of abundant time to reflect on what’s transpired as well as what is about to be.