It’s been an alternative operating system kind of month and after reading the Sunday “phone”, I’ve come to the conclusion sometimes you have to try yet another Linux Debian computer operating system.

I was/am pretty happy with MX-17 on a 1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

But the Pentium 4 I’m typing this on needed a little more oomph.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, one of my inspirations for locating and using different computer operating systems is Apple’s own macOS Mojave–which was released on Sept. 24th. With Mojave’s release Apple cut off users of Macs roughly older than six years (the 2010 Mac Pro with Metal-compatible GPU notwithstanding), from running the current OS release.

If you have a Mac, eventually you have to buy a new one (and probably sooner than you care to) if you want to continue running Apple’s latest and greatest OS (when Apple releases an operating system that won’t run on your machine).

We get it. Apple needs to make money and this is one of the ways they get consumers to buy new Macs.

But, that said, you don’t have to remain behind Apple’s walled garden if you don’t want to.

These kinds of standard operating practices for big business are part of the reason why I love antiX–my new favorite computer operating system for personal computers.

Without getting into too much of the stuff under the hood (it’s Sunday, after all, and too much technical detail is especially annoying), I’d just like to tell you how it “feels” to use.

I downloaded and burned the “Full” .iso image which came in at about 830 MB if my memory serves me. The full version of antiX has everything an everyday user could need–internet browser, office suite, etc. You can of course add programs like Chromium if you want another browser other than the included Firefox.

What the system has (instead of what it doesn’t) is the main reason I use antiX–it’s fast, really fast on old computers. In fact, I now recommend it over MX-17 which, while quick, is not as responsive as antiX on ancient kit.

antiX will run great on all PCs, though, not just older ones. It’s a testimony to the developers, who by doing away with all the unnecessary bloat that commercial operating systems like Windows and Apple perpetuate, demonstrate understanding for users’ need for speed when using less than currently-spec’d machines.

And this user is thoroughly satisfied with developer efforts on this front.

Sunday extra: Sport signs of the pending Apocalypse

As we enter into the best time of the year for sports fans, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a few things that happened during September in the sports world that made me scratch my head.

The Vikings and Packers tied.

The Lions beat the Pats.

Tiger woods won again.

The Bears are in sole possession of first place in the NFC Central.

The Yankees set a record for most team home runs in a season and all they have to show for it is they get to play the A’s in a 1-game winner-take-all wildcard playoff.

There you have it.

Enjoy your Sunday.