If it’s not sunny out in your neck of the woods and you’re wondering what to do, there’s something called NFL Football that’s back on television.

That’s right.

And it’s available on a TV near you.

Lots of changes this year and one of the biggest is the leading with your helmet tackle rule that’s already resulted in a player ejection.

Will football survive despite legislating the helmet to helmet hit out of the game?

Of course it will.

Will football survive despite whatever is going on outside of the actual games being played themselves?

Of course it will.

Football is naturally compelling.

We can’t help but watch or know someone who does.

With those kinds of numbers it’s no wonder there’s no forecast for the game going bye-bye anytime soon.

It’s like blogging.

A lot of blogs come and go but the good ones are destined to endure despite the threat posed by podcasts and YouTube vlogs.

The folks behind good products have the wherewithal and ability to constantly evolve what their selling so as to capitalize on what it is that needs to change or be tweaked in order to maintain and grow audience share.

NFL owners and league officials that chose to ignore concussions for decades were finally pressured into acknowledging that head injuries like concussions are real and not something to be kept swept under the rug.

Former players and their family members unrelentingly stayed the course regarding the damage that repeated blows to the head can cause. Their vigilance was largely responsible for the rule changes implemented over leading with the helmet when tackling.

What if it’s sunny out?

Well, I would be remiss if I did not advise you to get out if it’s sunny and not cloudy outside. Good weather in late summer and early fall is to be enjoyed and watching football is not something that should be done on TV–you should be at a game. Or, if you must, find somewhere (if you’re not equipped to do so in your own living situation) to watch a game on a TV set that is situated outside.

I’ve found nachos taste better outdoors.

Actually, I’ve found everything tastes better outdoors.

And since football has surpassed baseball as America’s pastime, if you’re lucky and unless it’s raining outside, you can enjoy both football and nachos outdoors.

Today it was cloudy and rainy in my neck of the woods. So, the football and nachos courtesy of my better half, were enjoyed indoors.

It was 65 degrees today, too, which made the first Sunday games of the year feel quite appropriate with respect to a hint of the cooler weather to come after September has come and gone.

Did I mention that nachos taste better not only outdoors, but when it’s cold outside?

That’s right. Feel free to experiment with my contention on this hot button issue and see for yourselves.

Two minute warning

Comes a time in every game where the two-minute warning arrives.

This is the time when you can grab your favorite beverage, see if there are any chips with cheese on them remaining and rush back to the television set like a running back headed for the end zone.

Or not.

But, while baseball has no clock, football possesses a sense of urgency that makes you pay notice as time ticks to the game’s final moments. Urgency garners excitement for things to come in an environment where time is precious and is in short supply.

That’s why despite all its imperfections, football resembles the crazy thing we call life more closely than any other sport.

And that’s why we continue to watch. Life is football and football is life.