Eclipse foreshadows change, delivery from Uranus

The bad ass Supermoon I woke up to yesterday inspired me to rediscover Uranus.

I enjoy using older versions of Microsoft Word, like 2003, if only for reasons such as a not-as-sophisticated spelling and grammar checker as those of newer versions. Word 2003 suggests I use the word “Supermom” (instead of Supermoon)—which would give me a whole other way to go with the rest of this article.

If you don’t get what I mean, go ahead, change out the word Supermoon with Supermom (in the article’s lead sentence above) and re-read it.

I think back to when I was a kid. We used to make mobiles (no, not mobile devices like phones, mobile devices like mobiles) of the solar system. There was only one solar system when I was little, too, so we only had so many planets to remember to include in the mobile–which made designing it much easier.

Uranus of course was the funniest planet ever.

We used to giggle when the teacher told us it was pronounced Uranus with a soft “A”. We didn’t care, because of course, we preferred pronouncing it with a hard “A”. The soft “A” pronunciation could not afford all the humor for elementary school-aged children that did speaking the word in such a fashion so as to bring to mind, “Your sphincter.”

These were simpler times. We still used institutions like libraries for school project research. We had to plunge clogged toilets by hand in order to clear them of things delivered from Uranus. Check that, we still have to plunge toilets the same way, so some things are still simple like that, I suppose.

One thing that I do not believe we do as much now as back then, is to consult with astrologers. I think most of that is because the job of astrologer has mostly been outsourced to computers and artificial intelligence.

Back during the time when kids created mobiles of the solar system, we also read horoscopes in the newspapers that were delivered to our homes. The daily astrological forecasts were very general by design, but real fans of astrology would grab hold of snippets in the single paragraph forecast. If it was something generally-speaking that was a positive development perhaps manifesting at some point during the day, we’d hold out hope our printed good fortune could soon be realized.

Today, I only “take the paper” on weekends. So, I had to go online and find an astrology forecast that would commemorate this Supermom, I mean, Supermoon, that would be shining above me.

I went to a site featuring a monthly forecast format. It was one I used to look at back in the early part of the new millennium during work lull periods. I looked for signs (where I could find them) of any positive developments that could be awaiting once work completed.

I thought back to newspapers bearing the disclaimer that astrology forecasts were for entertainment purposes only. I always wondered about that. Whose entertainment were they speaking of? The newspaper editors?

Uranus rings and moons

Uranus rings and moons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turns out that same as back then, Uranus is my ruler, according to astrological soothsayers. In this particular case and day of the Supermoon, the astrologer saw a hard aspect between Mercury and Uranus (which sounds quite painful).

I’m not quite sure how that compares to a soft aspect between the two, but I did take solace in the astrological prognostication also revealing that eclipses are known for bringing permanent and unflinching change.

I was also advised that if nothing really happened yesterday concerning any of this, I needn’t be anxious. Another eclipse is due to arrive this month, too.

Surely things will come to some sort of culmination—at least by then and thanks to Uranus.


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