Belly rubs, taxes and CELs: Napping dog lessons learned

I sit sometimes not knowing what I’m going to write about but the times when my dog sits down next to me, I just know it’ll be something that flows a lot easier than if he remains sleeping in his bed.

I was thinking maybe I should do my taxes with him sitting next to me. It couldn’t be any worse results-wise, than ordinarily, right?

He is a little older now and so he can stay at my side sleeping and snoring for longer stints.

I believe he might be able to at least make me feel less crappy at the prospect of doing my taxes, especially considering the way I’m looking at it now—an annual burden that never provokes pleasant thoughts or feelings.

His eyes are now closed and when he’s not snoring you can hear his quiet breathing.

What is it about that which calms everything (with the exception of typing fingers)?


I read and hear about how our lives are more frantic than ever.

I think how a dog behaves and lives is something we can at least partially adopt to suit our own lifestyle. Even if we can’t fit in the same number of naps they take during the day, wouldn’t it at least be fun to try?

Frequent naps can’t help but foster a calmer outlook on life.

Sure, sometimes my dog startles awake and goes into a barking fit.

But as a good friend says, “He’s only doing his job, Bob.” I do sometimes think he’s awakened from a bad dream whereby the rabbit or squirrel got away again.

For the most part, when he does wake up from a nap, especially when it’s by my side, he looks at me as if he doesn’t have a care in the world. In fact, his expression suggests life could not be any better at this particular moment. Stress is not a word or feeling he knows.

If that’s not proof life improves after napping, I don’t know what is.

After he’s satisfied that at least one of the two most important people in his life are in the immediate vicinity, he either stretches himself out before lowering to the floor, slightly wagging his tail before jumping atop the ottoman to look out the window, or falls back easily into another round of deep-sleep, nap mode. Brilliant!


Dogs don’t give a crap about the stock market or 401ks. It’s not that important. Well, maybe to them it’s not, but I’m thinking the rest of us need to be aware of what our financial makeup is about. But, we should probably consider closing our eyes when we become too stressed over it.

Dogs don’t care the Check Engine light just came on again for the third time in two weeks and you need to take your vehicle back to the shop yet again. A suggestion I’d have here is if your shop is within walking distance, bring your dog to the shop with you when you go to drop it off and then walk home together—it really makes you forget about the whole thing as you’re walking home (until now when I just typed it).

I think if I had a tail I would wag it.

I’m going to try to get my better half to rub my belly. It looks relaxing when she does it to him after his nap–the stiff arm, big paw of satisfaction he drives into her ribcage notwithstanding.


What do you think?

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