20151210_072802People used to ask rock ‘n’ rollers how they came up with the ideas for their songs, how they came up with their band names and did it annoy them when people would ask what any particular song was about or meant.
Analyzing songs is an exercise in futility.
“She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah.”
If you try to speak lyrics instead of singing them, it really sounds ridiculous. I sort of envision it would be something like Steven Wright if we chose to speak song lyrics. And it would be funny.
Inspiration is a quirky thing. Many artists have muses. I’m amused at that as it can be difficult to sustain originality even with a beautiful muse. Besides, I too often confuse muses with mimes. Muses may be sources of inspiration, but mimes are full of perspiration as they all too often are performing at outdoor malls on hot summer days.
20160219_135015Indignation just happens to have the same lovely rhyme like mime. Indignation partly rhymes with inspiration and perspiration. If one has “righteous” indignation, then they surely are featuring, at any given moment during the righteous indignation, at least some small form of perspiration.
What is indignation?
Indignation is a proud word for proud people who feel upset over their being slighted in some fashion. To be clear, the person experiencing the righteous indignation is perceiving the way they are being treated as unfair. And it is making them angry.
I can see how indignation might lead to a form of inspiration. Love and anger are but two potential artistic components. Both love and anger can lead to severe bouts of perspiration. But they can also result in inspiration provided the indignation is properly channeled.
Perspiration is an odd thing. I was reading today that we shower too much. That’s right, I read this. I’m hoping no one adopts showering every few days as did the author. I get that we may be doing some harm to ourselves by showering daily, not to mention the harm it does to the environment. A seven minute shower uses a gazillion gallons of water after all.
20151126_154056On the bright side, the author of this odoriferous ode was quick to point out that we should still wash our hands often to prevent bacterial scourges. He also thought it wise to incorporate the groin and feet as areas that should receive regular cleansing. I thought this reasonable as well as accommodating.
Hair, on the other hand, is a different story. The advice given was not to wash it. Supposedly, if you cut down or eliminate sugar from your diet, your hair will become healthier and shinier if you don’t wash it.
20151213_095848I shave my head in the summer, so it’d be easy not to wash it then. I like having a little on top during the cold months so the cranium will have some protection from the elements. It’s all rather inglorious, don’t you think?
So, to summarize, we have on one hand Inspiration. On the other we have Indignation. And below them, handless, is Perspiration, which we all can share when experiencing both. By virtue of our collective sweat pumps, I would venture to say that indeed, perspiration is not readily exceeded by either inspiration or indignation. To the contrary, they work in conjunction with one another…she loves you yeah, yeah, yeah…cue the inspiration for completing the song’s performance, usher in the indignation at not getting a guitar solo and initiate the sweat glands so you can show the surly critics your unbathed-for-days underarms.
Any questions?