Takin’ A Stream

You take a chance when you write a missive on your sweetie’s mac. There are things that are sacred, and once you figure our your honey’s keyboard, heck, everything’s fair game, it’s all good.

Back to all things sweetie…

You understand everything when you have occasion to be on your baby’s machine…

There are times when you think, “Heck, I’ll never figure this friggin’ keyboard out!” and so you just sorta hang out on the keyboard hoping words come to you…

Speaking of words coming to you…

Did you have occasion to enjoy or at least, see, the “Thunder Over Louisville” this past weekend? It was my first time and I must say, it truly was the best fireworks show I’ve seen since the Grucci Bros. demonstration over the Fourth of July.

Getting back to all things love…

Rhonda and I had a difficult time with her pond fountain flow, recently. She was a genius and ended up finding a washer to stop up a leak, and resulted in sporting a wonderful completion to a Monday night in Louisville—pizza and adult beverages in the locality that was the neighborhood.

Does your partner end up in the sack before you?

What is your experience?

There are things we want to know here at bobskelley.com

Tell us what you think when it comes to all things relationship-wise.

You know we always love hearing from you.

Is shift work involved, what is what actually takes place?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Well, not really, but we take a break from the every day and just let you weigh in.

After all, this is your blog, too, and it wouldn’t exist without the occasional reader.

Do you enjoy just the thought of something cogent? We thought so.

Have a great day, we’ll see you next time, you cheeky monkey,

Just kidding, but maybe not so much.

What happens when you take yourself too seriously?

Well, we know that sometimes we get carried away and we wish we had the decision back.

Seems there are always times when we wish we had the decision back.

You, of all people, may wish you had this time back.

You may, or may not have such a time.

The important thing is that you ventured here and enjoyed a time when you could have bailed or otherwise chose something else. So, you took the alternative.

Point is, you kept reading, kept enjoying, kept engaging and kept taking the outskirt chance.

Many congratulations on not being judgmental, not taking a too calculated risk and just worrying about who’s reading what you’re reading.

Do you read me?

With much affection,

Bob Skelley



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