Mind wanderings at the end of the weekend

20160219_135241The thing no one talks about especially, at least regarding Donald Trump, is his age. If he became president, he would be 70 years of age, breaking Ronald Reagan’s record as the oldest person to take the office at the age of 69 (if my calculations are not mistaken).

The other thing about Trump that I think about (on the positive side) is he will not be subservient to the special interest groups that are in the pockets of other candidates. What this means in the long term is anyone’s guess, but while Trump may never be accused of being a great orator, it’s nice that he can tell Goldman Sachs to take a hike if he wants to.

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peyton Manning will ride off into the sunset after all, announcing the decision by the end of the week. Really, the only way he should go regarding this. His body will not allow him to perform at high levels any more, he’s got his second ring and he goes out a Super Bowl champion. Nice.

I like rain, but I don’t like mud. Just sayin’.

I’d love a Bluetooth mouse at a reasonable price that performs well. So far, it isn’t out there.

So, Apple is a hardware company because it gives away all of its software for free. Wait, I was going to debate that, but now am thinking differently (no pun intended). Maybe Apple is just a hardware company that has free software running on its hardware. Semantics.

I heard this somewhere recently, but it’s worth repeating: the music industry is combating piracy by producing music that no one wants. I like that.

I’ve got a beer-making kit lying around in the basement that I need to use. Of all things to procrastinate about, making home brew should not be one of them.

I like Linux for certain stuff, Apple’s OS X for some things and Windows for other computing tasks. No one OS accomplishes everything I need. If any one does so for you, that’s great. But there isn’t any reason to hate on folks that use what you don’t. Be thankful for the freedom of choice, I say.

Relationships take kindness extended by both parties. I know some people say they take work, but if each person treats the other with kindness, gives them the benefit of the doubt, the relationship actually stands a chance to withstand words you wish you never spoke. For this one, again, I’m just sayin’.

Ronald Reagan in Dixon, Illinois.

Ronald Reagan in Dixon, Illinois. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone once told me or said and I heard that, an individual only needs as many true friends as they have fingers on one hand. I’d go just a bit further and suggest that if you have even one true friend, that is all you really need. Everybody else is just passing through your life.

A good keyboard on a desk at the right typing height makes all the difference for a person living with carpal tunnel syndrome. Pain is pain and carpal tunnel, while surgery exists to correct it, just resurfaces if you perform the same functions again that gave it to you in the first place. Don’t get the surgery, just adjust how you type and work.

The Beatles sang, “Eight Days A Week.” What if we had eight days in a week? I’d like to suggest it to Trump, if he gets in. But, this suggestion is mostly self-serving. I just want a three-day weekend.

Don’t you?


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