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With Annual Report (10-K) season in full swing, hittingthesweetspot can appreciate the sweating over possible costly, bad decisions that get made by vendors and clients alike in the still lucrative financial reporting print business.
The sweating is done by print mangers and company counsel the world over regarding potential breakdowns that can occur when bad information is passed from one human being to another by phone, or simply when communications delivered to a general customer service inbox are lost (read email accidentally deleted).
With compliance and transactional work being fought over more fiercely than ever before, there is software out there that can help reduce, if not completely eliminate major mistakes arising from human error.
PressTime by Bluecloud Communications, Inc. is one of the most promising solutions available today—addressing the full range of communication breakdown that even Led Zeppelin would be proud of.
“The number one controllable cost is the cost of errors,” says Bluecloud Founder Don Koscheka.
PressTime is aimed at products including, but not limited to, Private Equity Fund-related documents, Term Sheets for Private Equity Financing and Annual Reports (10-K’s).
“PressTime puts you in control of when and how you publish a document and get it to your stakeholders. It allows you to manage the entire distribution process—the number of copies, versions, everything critical for successful electronic and print media distribution,” he says.
With the pace of technology as fast as it is, Bluecloud’s PressTime will not be left behind in terms of growing with the needs of its customers. With an industry standard Microsoft SharePoint document repository base, the software does indeed possess the ability for customization and scalability.
“Because PressTime is based on Microsoft’s SharePoint platform, we know it’s scalable to millions of documents and any number of users,” Koscheka says.
There is still a need for improvement in electronic and print project management and delivery. Most systems in place by financial reporting service providers utilize proprietary software that is overtaxed by trying to do too much—more than it is originally designed for. When these internal systems fail their customers’ stress tests, it negatively impacts overall quality and service.
These types of solutions by virtue of their complexity also necessitate the use of scores of human customer service agents acting as middle people in order to bring projects to fruition; they suffer from the increased risk of error that excessive human involvement brings.
PressTime reduces print errors by providing a clear, consistent communication path with audit tools to ensure that print instructions are documented. By virtue of its automation and easy to use interface, companies can ensure on-time delivery, enjoy improved project estimating as well as reduced project management costs.
The unmoving, unchanging, inertia-laden forces that are financial reporting project management would appear to be PressTime’s biggest competition in the marketplace. Systems with limited functionality already in place at traditional financial printing companies and XBRL reporting service providers, while getting the job done most times, do not offer the accountability and fluidity that PressTime does:

  • PressTime’s Customer Project Dashboard feature allows you to view all publishing projects—electronic and print—at a glance. You also have the ability to view messages for all active projects at any given time.
  • PressTime’s Project Page permits multiple elements to be added to a project and the ability to view the status of all of them.
  • The Print Specifications feature displays all aspects of a print job, links documents with specific print elements (e.g. covers), pre-defined print specifications and the ability to review and print specs. More importantly, you can track ALL changes that are made to a print job up to the last minute–you always know what changes were made and by whom.
  • Seamlessly manage distribution lists for documents, customize delivery instructions and create custom delivery packages.
  • Create and track Messages and Tasks on a project-by-project basis. You no longer have to sift through hundreds of emails to find messages that are relevant to a particular project–saving you time and reducing the potential for communications breakdowns.

Bluecloud Communications, Inc.

Bluecloud Communications, Inc.
Published in accordance and with permission from Bluecloud Communications, Inc.
All rights reserved.

PressTime is available On-Premise or Cloud-Based. It is also Mobile-friendly in that all functionality can be displayed via a mobile application.
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