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60 Minutes

60 Minutes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since stuff always happens when you plan things, and I do not enjoy not being able to write each and every day, the lack of a regular schedule of writing would seem to make an appropriately boring topic for this blog piece.

As exciting as it would be to have a blog whose intention is to dull the knives that are our brains to the fullest extent possible, I still set out on each and every blog journey to deliver value. There is considerable value to be had here, too, as where else are you going to find gripping content like this without paying a hefty premium? Should you decide you are sufficiently compelled to feed hittingthesweetspot’s creative machine, feel free to click the “Contact us” link at the top and by all means render a donation accordingly (all possible tongue in cheek references aside, eating is good).

The greatest thing that can happen in someone’s life remains love.

But chocolate, ocean waves, baseball and anything you really like eating, doing, experiencing, feeling, watching and seeing, all contribute to a life well lived.

Do we let money control us or do we control our money?

I know we don’t control our credit scores, or at least the ability to correct any mistakes on them in a timely fashion. I saw as much on 60 Minutes.

60 Minutes, like this blog, has the ability to draw attention to various things, bad things, and things that are both good and bad.

What is really disappointing is when a media institution like 60 Minutes is pretty much powerless to bring change and reform to the very seedy businesses, personalities and bureaucracies they occasionally report on. They have a lot of resources, are influential, yet once things like corruption, avarice and lack of integrity are brought to the public’s attention, the ball is dropped; seemingly no one in a position to do so ever follows up.

I challenge people with appropriate, related authority to remedy things like this, to step up and do so, particularly after viewing upsetting television news stories (like those of credit reporting agencies whose uncorrected mistakes on credit reports impact tens of millions of people negatively), on shows like 60 Minutes.

This is my personal blog and as such, resources are limited, to put it kindly. Although it is ever evolving to the point where I will not rule out more investigative journalism-type formats in the future, presently, all I will do is echo that discord, injustice and also good things like our pets always being there for us, do exist, and are rightly represented at the forefront of this blog.

Blogs are becoming more influential, are they not?

Blog of the day once again

And aren’t the rules governing their formats and what they should be about also ever-changing?

I continue to take pride in the fact I expound on whatever I choose to. Freedom of the press and freedom of speech and expression will always bring tears to my eyes when I know how often they come under attack. It is also disconcerting to know they do not exist in any fashion in large parts of the world. To speak your mind either on paper, in person, in words over the air or on the Internet, is still fraught with peril depending on who is reading. A legal disclaimer is a necessary protection for the blogger.

I have been dormant for quite some time and restricting content to any singular topic is unfair to my form of expression as well as readers who come to this site never knowing what it is they will get. They can be sure, however, that what their eyes and imaginations receive is created with sincerity that comes from going through life keenly observing, hearing both sides whenever at all possible, and consequently sharing my thoughts.

It is an exciting time to be a blogger. We are seemingly everywhere.

Our power to influence grows greater with each passing day.

Speaking our minds and hearts represents not only our own individual, respective essences, but also all of those we come to know, have contact with, and love.

Let us respect this, acknowledge it, and be kind with all our demonstrations of it, for if we do, what does happen should be pretty cool.

Now I gotta go feed the dog.



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