Friends sew laughter into healthy life fabric

Friendship 7

Friendship 7 (Photo credit: NASA on The Commons)

Sew you had a hard day.

I mean, soo you had a difficult time during sunshine hours.

Who do you turn to?

Where do you go?

Where everybody knows your lame? I mean, name?


What you need is a friend.

You’ve got a friend.

Hate the James Taylor song, love the sentiment.


You’ve got a friend, you have a lot.

A friend can pick you up in the worst of situations that you may be experiencing.

As a guy, I have never had a huge number of friends that were guys.

I have had a lot of friends that are women (and still are for that matter).

Women seem to have a lot of friends that are both guys and girls.

They even have girlfriends they have known since grade school.

Guys typically do not.

Generally-speaking, guys would rather lie on the couch with a beer, a bag of Doritos and ESPN blaring on the tube.

Nacho Cheesier flavor Doritos

Nacho Cheesier flavor Doritos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guys don’t do interaction with other guy friends.

They are islands unto themselves.

Women know the value and health benefits of networking and maintaining social circles of good friends and acquaintances, much more so than guys do.

How do I know this?

I just do.

You thought I was going to cite studies that back up my assertions, didn’t you.

Fooled ya!

Here at hittingthesweetspot by Bob Skelley we serve no studies until it’s time.

That is, we just don’t serve them at all.

For is a blog a blog with studies in it? Or is it just a blog that contains studies?

I suggest it is not a blog if there are studies. Studies are boring. Just talking about them the little I just did makes me want to find a link and click out of this story.

But if I do that, you will miss something important as we are through discussing studies and now return you to our regularly scheduled blog posting.

Women should be ruling the world.

They are much better adjusted emotionally than men, generally-speaking.

Men hold everything in, their arteries harden and they die.

Women emote, have a regular series of health issues they address in a timely fashion, and live better, longer lives than men.

I have seen women crying when they are disappointed in themselves.

Men wait to cry until they are alone. Then when they do, they question why they are crying.

“Should I see a shrink? I’m crying here alone in the dark for Cripes sake!”

They miss the whole therapeutic point of crying in the first place by doing so.

Cry and move on.

Move on and cry.

Then cry and move on again.

In a way, women are already ruling the world.

They are holding more positions of power and authority than they used to.

These are positions that traditionally have been men’s country.

Now, it is women in board rooms who are the players and power brokers.

This has seemingly happened overnight and in a way it has.

Men’s advancement has been stunted by not knowing how to live and be men anymore.

They want a 21st century rule book for how to play the game.

Women know the secret to success, always have.

They practice it every day they live.


Friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Men can’t wait to get home and plop on the couch.

In the old days, it was with a newspaper.

Now it’s just with TV or video games.

Women meet up with friends.

That’s right.

That’s all it is.

They even, shhhh, talk with friends.

We hear them laughing with their friends on the phone.

We are a little envious of their lives and all their great friends who share good laughs with them.

Guys…life is just better with friends.

You’ll laugh more if you have them.

You’ll live healthy longer laughing with them.

Come get ya some.


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