Thursday night hangout

Fridays are made for hanging out. The promise of the weekend, what it will bring, the chance to catch up on things in our personal life that get neglected during the week–all come rushing into play before giving way to another work week Sunday evening into Monday.

I think weekends can a lot of times be just like the holidays in terms of the hype never living up to the reality, but I’m glad for when they arrive all the same.

Some bloggers do weekly caps and wrap-ups of the week we’ve just lived through, just as we head into the weekend. That sounds like too much work when all I want to do is hang out.

I don’t want to rehash the week or recent history, so much as bring you into this moment now, as this is the one that truly matters.

On Monday, you will get asked, “So how was your weekend?”

“Not too bad, hung out at __________ (fill in the blank) Friday night, then went over to so and so’s Saturday for some grillin’ and chillin’ before finally just spending some quality time with my couch on Sunday, with some football.

The huge Powerball jackpot had many of us dreaming. We were thinking about how or what would change if we had actually won it. Many of us were in on pools at work in addition to buying our own tickets, in an attempt to cover some ground.

Mathematicians will tell you that you have a far greater chance of ___________ (insert some catastrophe, disaster or improbable and grave accident befalling you, here), than winning the Powerball. This may be true, but we don’t like listening to statistical-based forms of reason. Besides, we just don’t care that the odds are stacked so highly against us. It’s the American way. We pull ourselves up by the bootstraps when the going gets tough and just lift ourselves right up.

We go big because we dream big. And that is a huge part of how we stay motivated societally.

We may be a nation in decline, but don’t tell that to the average U.S. citizen. We still think we’re the greatest, even if our zenith has long since passed.

So we are reminded of the perils of playing the lottery and games of chance. Don’t we remember the stories of the people who won Powerball or hit the lottery and who soon became more miserable than they ever were before coming into their great windfalls?

These stories will not deter us from playing at least a few tickets as we know that many people who have won enormous lottery jackpots are enjoying their lives immensely with their newfound wealth and their not having to struggle with working at least five days a week.

Which leads me to another question: “Would we be dissatisfied if we were working a four-day work week instead of a five-day work week?”

I think three-day weekends would be awesome—and I know awesome is used too much to describe even the most mundane of events…

“Dude, I paid only $3.70 a gallon for gas at the Choke ‘n’ Puke the other day.”


Powerball will only be $40 million in Saturday’s drawing. It may be enough for most of us to live off of, but many who played in Wednesday’s mega drawing will sit this one out and let the pot build once more.

Plus, we need to just chill on Saturdays after hanging out Friday nights.

But we could theoretically hang out on Thursday evenings and then chill for both Friday AND Saturday, before doing Sundays in wind down mode (if we had four-day work weeks).

Most of us won’t hit Powerball in our lifetime. But we can dream big and not so big, and it is all good.

I’m dreaming of a four-day work week …

Just like the ones I used to know.

Ah well, dream on Skelley. This leads me to another holiday song favorite, too…

It’s the most wonderful time…

To drink beeeeer.

You say those aren’t the words? Try ‘em, you might like ‘em…especially when you’re just hanging out.



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