Hurry up and embrace speed living

Speed blogging is my latest attempt at getting the word out more regularly.

My blogging post interval frequency has been somewhat understandably shortened with all the changes going on in my life.

I do not like that I have not been able to blog as frequently as I had prior to undertaking these changes.

As I continue to settle in, I have decided to take a new tack.

I will try to write under a deadline just as I did when I was a journalist during my Navy days.

This way you can see the fruits of my labor more frequently, and even though I will not be taking copious amounts of time to formulate these posts, I feel the quality will hopefully still be pretty good.

Speed dating was an interesting concept to me when I was single.

I think it took some daring and an adventuresome spirit to try it.

I personally never tried speed dating, though, but I liked how deadlines were set up so you met possible dates in a short, finite amount of time—sometimes I imagine you’d make “hits” and other times perhaps not so much.

We are under constant time constraints and we have the excuses that go along with not meeting our daily deadlines…

“I just ran out of time!”

“I can’t believe the boss expects that done so soon!”

“There was a traffic snarl on the interstate and the delay in my reaching the meeting was unavoidable!”

“I just didn’t have enough coffee this morning to do everything I needed to do.”

“I’m sorry, but I had the runs and couldn’t work on my assignment.”

Whatever happened to just do it?

I can relate to all of these excuses.

A somewhat confused at times person once said, “You do what you can and then you go home.”

That would be me.

Some days are better than others.

But, if you don’t at least set out and try to seize the day, accomplish some of the things you are tasked with, rather than throwing up your hands and resigning yourself to never reaching any of your daily goals, you are really blowing it.

We have opportunities in each day to make things better—not only for ourselves, but to everyone we come in contact with.

Today, many are finding the time to vote.

As difficult as it may seem to work things into an already packed schedule, we somehow are able to do it.

One of the biggest hurdles to our acceptance of all that life brings—good and bad, is how much we take for granted.

Having grown up on the east coast, many friends and family members have suffered during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

In a world of disposable electronics, millions of people endured their first prolonged power outages. They were at times (and some still are) without heat, access to safe shelter, food, water and warm clothing.

The United States is still the greatest country in the world, but natural disasters and unforeseen, catastrophic events are a reminder of how little we control. This is where time management, kindness, a willingness to help your fellow person and focus on someone and something other than ourselves, can come into play.

Do you expect a busy, unpredictable world that has taken on a life of its own to adjust and alter its course for you, or is your attitude one of flexibility towards all that is rapidly occurring around you?

If you comply with the latter, you are in step with speed living.

Congratulations, welcome and if you were speed reading through this, I thank you just the same.



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