You are worth creating change you need

The biggest problem when assuming a day time schedule for the first time in over a decade is coming to grips with the fact that all this time on nights has left you most definitely not a morning person—unless you’re talking a 1 a.m. kind of morning person.

But that is changing.

Slowly but surely I can feel my body coming around, my mind seems to be adjusting too and together I am becoming more confident with each passing day that I will be just fine.

One of the things I can’t seem to get enough of, though, as I make the transition, is coffee in the mornings.

But after starting a new job as a computer technician last week, although my brain might like the infusion of excessive caffeine to get down and then back up again, my crazy, caffeine-laced, trembling fingers are not conducive to working on logic boards or sensitive computer parts.

Plus, at over six feet tall, I might have just a bit too much vertical stature.

From the 1990 comedy Crazy People starring Dudley Moore:

So with all these things in play working somewhat against me, I have to be satisfied with baby steps in regards to progress with the overall change in hours.

Time management seems to be another thing that I am adjusting as I go.

I actually get an hour for lunch now and that is pretty nice.

After eating cold sandwiches at my desk night after night, it’s actually wonderful to be out and about just before mid-afternoon and actually do a little running around while grabbing a bite—an hour is great for doing this. With the half hour I was accustomed to before, there was just barely enough time to slam down the food I brought in my brown paper bag.

This is not a knock on those places where you only get 30 minutes for lunch; it’s just an observation that an hour for lunch is a really cool improvement in overall quality of life.

Quality of life is why I made the move here in the first place.

We spend a lot of our days acquiring things we want and lose sight of what it is we need.

It is easy to do while chasing after a buck in the name of having enough in reserve for our retirement.

In addition to keeping a roof over our heads, paying the bills and having food on the table, our jobs hopefully can lead to a more comfortable lifestyle during retirement.

I have realized you lose focus over time if you do not establish what it is you need.

I needed change.

Sure, things change all around us all the time. But I saw reason to change everything—job, life, living arrangement—everything!

Some of us might prefer a more static, safer existence. Those of us who feel this way sometimes abhor change.

I think the key is to try to create the change you need.

This takes a lot of thought and discussion, but your life, like your time, is valuable.

If you have love in your heart, love deeply and are loved back just as much, the decisions you make in the name of what you need should work out for the better.

Nothing in life is perfect. But armed with knowledge and bolstered by love, we are capable of greatness at life’s highs and peace and contentment as we navigate the lows.

Now if I could just have another cup of joe…



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