Less strange almost as good as normal

These days I just want to write about nice stuff.

Maybe it’s a result of settling into a new and better life.

Perhaps it’s a realization that although I used to go on and on in some past blogging posts, maybe not being quite as happy with my situation in life translated into some topics, that while popular, relatively-speaking, were not as happy-sounding.

I went to the county clerk the other day and got my KY license plates with Navy emblem and “veteran” proudly displayed in all caps along the bottom. The car seems to like it, too. At least it looks good on it. And I don’t have a front license plate like I did in CO. Forked over my CO driver’s license, too, when I received my KY one, so the entire “registration” process here is pretty complete.

Rhonda and I were raking leaves yesterday and the day before and we almost hurt ourselves when we fell outta the tree; just kidding. I know, my feeble attempts at humor can sometimes grow tiresome.

Living in a house is something I have not done for many years; it’s familiar and confusing at the same time.

Similar to my attitude when beginning new jobs, I am adjusting as I go and fitting in to the new household environment. I think when starting new jobs, some of us can make mistakes regarding our attitude on this. I believe your chances for success—whether on a new job or in a new living environment, increase substantially when you are willing to fit in more so than the other way around.

Fitting in is something we all have to do at many points in life, especially if we want to get along.

Rhonda and I knew this as we had, and have, discussions all along the way.

It helps when there is ongoing dialogue when you are dealing with the day-to-day things that can pop up.

But back to raking leaves…

This activity demonstrates you live in a place that actually has autumn and four seasons.

It also can reveal you live in a house where you are responsible for the grounds.

In addition to all this, for me, it brings a sense of nostalgia for something that has long not been a part of life.

Having lived alone in a condo where the grounds upkeep is part of HOA fees, you tend to just shut the windows when you hear the sounds of weed whackers, lawn mowers and landscaping equipment.

Living alone too long can make you weird.

At the least you can get lonely.

Living alone and being lonely can sometimes make you do things, or not do things, that people who live with others would not give a second thought to.

I have no examples of what I mean, so you can see how weird I may have been.

Not conceding anything, I am not going to disclose at this time the weird things I used to do; use your imagination.

This post is deteriorating in quality before our very eyes as I write and you read.

Maybe part of the strange things I would do is write less than positive subject posts.

But it’s funny.

People seem to like reading negative things quite a bit.

Well, a lot more than uplifting stories, sadly enough.

It’s like, “Enough with all this good stuff! I am a miserable bastard! I want some end of the world scenario stories!”


That’s the weird stuff coming out of writers feeling isolated.

Back to less than weird stuff, or should I say not as weird…

I was having a conversation with our dog Chelsea (yes, I am the dog whisperer and can speak with these animals) regarding what kind of job to pursue.

She basically responded by suggesting I check for clues and signs, before falling back to sleep on her bed.

Not one to mess with the wisdom of a 13-year old springer spaniel, the light went on upstairs for me:

Does anyone know of any sleep studies I could participate in?

I think I really could rock me some sleep studies—certainly my snoozing should benefit the greater good of all mankind.

All of this sleeping talk has me feeling like a nap.


Rainy Fridays really are the best.



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  1. LOL!!! Thanks for another great post Bob as you just brought some much needed relief to a Sunday night at work. Glad to hear you seem to be settling in nicely in KY. Although, I am mad at you for leaving Merrill, as we now have to do your share of the work! UGH!

    Aside from sleep studies, there may be beer testing to be done. Or, being that you are in Kentucky, Bourbon studies may be in order! If it were me, I would run over to the Makers Mark distillery and fill out an app., or at least volunteer my services as a product taster; you know, for quality control!

    Thanks again Bob!


    • Always a pleasure to receive your comments, Tony!

      I like my new job fixing computers, but will definitely have to look in to beer testing and/or bourbon quality control tasting as well. 🙂

      There is definitely life after financial. We each must do what we must do.

      I, for one, am finally enjoying life’s journey once more.

      Say hi to the gang and remember I always appreciate your reading the blog and hearing from you here.

      Many thanks,


    • We are probably leading parallel napping lives. Let’s see how often our naps are at the same time. Ready, get set… nap! Thank you, kindly, for the like and also for stopping by, Waywardspirt…may your spirit be wayward yet may it always find a way. That’s what I’m talking about. 🙂


      • Okay, you are awesome!

        Be wayward yet always find a way.
        That’s what I’m talking about. : D
        Comment so I can pinch you.
        Or pinch myself for being read right through…


    • *Pinches Bob*
      Biting? Who said anything about biting? ; )
      You only get pinched when you speak after you are jinxed. Every kid knows that!
      You are like a great tennis partner. 🙂
      Take that serve!
      While I sneak off and read some more of your parallel universes.


      • Hahaha…this playground we call WordPress surely does lend itself to many delights, does it not, Waywardspirit? Play is so much better than work. If only work could be play…like a tennis game! And no need to sneak off…read out in the open–just like kids do (when they’re not jinxing that is).


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