Love, football and days of color

I have always been a writer/creative type.

My night schedule has provided inspiring moments for both writing and previously, song writing.

But, I am on a day shift schedule now.

I will have to get used to Monday Night Football games running late into the night, too, having just completed my move to Louisville, KY.

Everything about being here so far feels like home—I remember growing up as a kid, staying up late to watch Monday Night Football games with Howard Cosell, Don Meredith and Frank Gifford in the broadcast booth. Those three guys helped start the craze of night football on TV that has extended into Sunday nights and Thursdays, in recent years, on the NFL Network. I don’t much like NFL Network as you have to pay extra for it.

I know you have to pay extra for a lot of things these days…

When I was leaving Colorado, some of my friends were bemoaning the high cost of living there. The old phrase, “you gotta pay if you want to stay” has never been truer.

But if it was only about money I would still be in Colorado.

I enjoyed a good living there, and was comfortable in my modest, yet having all the comforts of home, condo.

What it didn’t contain was someone who I love and loves me back; she is here. And Chelsea the Springer Spaniel makes three in this newly formed family.

My cruise control gave out in Kansas, but aside from that, the drive across the country was uneventful mechanically-speaking. The old VW held up fine under the long miles run.

What was eventful was being able to see all the fall colors bursting when I finally hit the area here. Everything felt so much like home, like this is supposed to be where I am supposed to be.

Love and a sense of belonging is what it’s all about—not the money.

Another old adage, “money isn’t everything but it sure buys a lot of neat stuff,” is also true in some ways, but as we all know, all the money in the world doesn’t buy happiness.

Happiness can’t be bought.

Can’t be sold, bartered.

Can’t be traded.

It only is, and like love, you know you have it once it’s there.

It’s an unmistakable feeling.

I know it’s only been parts of two days, but the autumn weather continues to just blow me away.

Real fall with real seasonal colors—reds, purples, oranges and golden yellows—the full color spectrum.

Football is in the air.

I’m thinking of taking in a U of L game Saturday.

Football brings my life experience to date full circle.

It is something that everyone can relate to, has related to, in some form or fashion, at some point in their lives.

We support our community’s, town’s and city’s teams.

We stay up late to watch Monday night football games.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Colorado is beautiful.

But so is Kentucky and Louisville.

And how beautiful is enjoying a great life change such as the one I am endeavoring, on a day time schedule?






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