Professional blog superior vehicle for delivering company message, boosting brand recognition

Hittingthesweetspot by Bob Skelley is my personal blog.

I have been using it as a means to reacquaint myself with my lifelong affinity for writing.

As many of you who know me or who are familiar with my professional background from checking my LinkedIn profile summary, you understand I was a U.S. Navy Journalist.

I was formally trained in print and broadcast journalism at the Defense Information School (DINFOS), Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN while in the Navy.

My DINFOS instructors polished my newswriting skills and honed my broadcast media capabilities.

I spent five years in the military, traveled the globe, saw the world and got to cover a lot of different stories in many different newspapers, newsletters and magazines. I also did a little bit of radio news broadcasting (WSUB), too, while stationed in the Public Affairs office at Naval Submarine Base New London, Groton, CT.

Upon my honorable discharge from the Navy, I had hoped to continue a career in journalism. My lack of college degree credentials prevented me from even interviewing at any of New York’s major, metropolitan newspapers or TV and radio stations, however. In fact, I was not permitted to even apply. My military journalism career was not accepted as equivalent work experience for the purposes of their job applications.

I could have gone to college and obtained a degree on my dime.

I missed the old G.I. bill (which would have paid ALL my college tuition) by two months, enlisting in March of 1977 after the G.I. bill expired Dec. 31, 1976—poor timing perhaps, but that’s just how it works out sometimes.

Not having the financial resources to go to school, I embarked on a career as a printing professional and never looked back.

That is, until now.

The blogging medium has evolved into an extremely powerful communications tool for both individuals AND businesses.

It is proving to be a critical source for attracting the right kind of attention to your business product or service, while giving it a human touch at the same time when done well.

Hittingthesweetspot by Bob Skelley has been receiving attention, and although I am flattered, the increased attention has prompted me to explain to my readers some of the differences between personal and professional blogging.

A personal blog is simply the personal opinion and personal viewpoints of the blogger…period.

There is a lot of bad blogging with poor writing out there.

Many personal blogs can appear random and lacking in precision on their content delivery.

Most of them lack attribution of any kind.

Even when I cross into topics of business discussion here on hittingthesweetspot, it is still just a personal blog, expressing my personal views.

You will notice there is a lack of attribution in my articles and many of the business subject posts I have written here have received great interest above and beyond my more anecdotal pieces on various aspects of life and living.

Also, I do not quote anyone when writing business related articles here, further reflecting the obvious that these are opinion (similar to op-ed) pieces—solely MY opinion and no one else’s.

It has taken this long to get here, but after surfing the web for roughly the past 20 years—through both dial-up modem and broadband days, visiting the various business related sites that I do and seeing the explosion in importance of social media for businesses aware that image and brand are still everything, retaining the services of the professional blogger have never been more critical for your company’s growth.

That’s right.

The professional blogger and his or her services are the perfect content delivery vehicle to provide the competitive edge your company needs to stand out, attract the right kind of attention and grow.

Good writing is always well received.

Good writing draws passionate, effective attention and response from your customers.

Good writing is the single most important improvement you can make to your website.

Many companies still use less than effective news releases to promote themselves or their new offerings, on their company sites. We have all seen the short blurbs (my first editor hated that word, told me to never, ever use it around him) announcing a milestone reached or new product released, at the top of the announcement, and then the obligatory company summary afterwards at the bottom.

This is a prime example of the ancient “marketing for dead print media” school philosophy, and is very much hurting your company’s messaging and branding efforts.

Twitter, while soaring in growth and popularity, should be considered a necessary secondary promotional tool for your company (with its limited depth in scope).

Facebook returns on advertising efforts are still questionable with the number of non-real (read robotic) user accounts that exist there.

The various professional blogs you can have on your company’s web pages on the other hand–when done correctly, tastefully, when pointed, well written and interesting, are your superior marketing choice when it comes to attracting and more importantly, KEEPING the clients you need to grow your business.

To learn more about the ultra-competitive business advantages of professional blogging services, shoot me an email at skelleyr at gmail dot com.

You get the value of modern customer focus and approach.

Change your business prospects and outlook for the better no matter their current state.

Enlist the power of my professional blogging services.



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