A few Tweets and Facebook statuses I’d like to see

I have zero followers on Twitter.

And I am following no one.

You say I’m pathetic, sad, don’t get it, very unhip and that I’m not using this form of social media as it was intended.

I say it’s evolving, the jury is still out on how best we should use it and so I’m enjoying it in my own way.

Here on this blog page, I do like the “Follow Us On Twitter” widget that appears lower left of this piece and promotes recent hittingthesweetspot columns. But, nobody does–follow me on Twitter, that is, but I’m OK with that. Check that. I’m actually more than just OK, I’m VERY OK with it. I’m secure in my brand. I’m not sure I want you following me any more than I’m sure I want to follow you. And I don’t, so let’s just leave it the way it is.

Speaking of “likes” in general, I’m nonplussed and would actually like to see an “I don’t care” or “nobody cares” hyperlink in addition to the “like” ones, on Facebook. How about a “dislike” one, maybe, too, while you’re at it? I guess your silence or non-participation in any Twitter or Facebook thread implies you don’t “like” it or at least, are indifferent.

Sometimes when I read tweets or Facebook status updates, I’m left yearning for more—more oomph, more passion, more smiles, more, well, fun! C’mon people, we can do better. It’s like your last annual work performance evaluation from your boss. No matter how good you are or were over the last year, the boss never gives you perfect everything when it comes to ratings, because there’s always room for improvement.

So with that said, and without further ado, here is a brief first sampling of Tweets and Facebook statuses that hittingthesweetspot would like to see (but probably won’t). If there is any interest at all, or you, yourself have some ideas for tweets or Facebook status updates you’d like to see, feel free to chime in at the bottom with your best shots…

140 characters are more than enough for my mode of expression.

So delighted to have run into my mother-in-law while on summer vacation.

If everyone would make as constructive use of the time as I do while they sit in traffic, this world would be a better place.

Insert motivational statement here.

Soooo, was it worth it?

Can’t wait to get to work! It’s Monday!

Sometimes I get sad when it’s Friday, but then I remind myself Monday is only a couple of days away!

Many thanks to those who thought of calling me today but didn’t.

Gibberish gibberish gibberish.

There is nothing here for you to see, so move along now.

I hope everyone loves this pic of me eating a ham sandwich at age 7 as much as I do!

I thought of cleaning up my friends list, but seeing how Pookie my dog is one of my seven total, true blue Facebook friends, I left it alone.

Lots of times when I do laundry I get the urge to mix whites with colors. I know, crazy.

What privacy concerns? If you truly have nothing to hide you don’t have anything to worry about. I mean, what’s the big deal about sharing your personal information for the purpose of being marketed to more effectively, anyway?

When I woke up this morning, I was sweating, my heart was racing, I felt like someone was chasing me, I had to go to the bathroom and that’s all I can remember.

If you don’t like this you’re a bad person, not to mention, a doodyhead.

Did somebody fart or did this entire room just pass an oil refinery?

I recently heard that depending on the thickness of your fingers, it’s normal for your fingers to fall asleep and tingle after a lot of keyboarding. Can anybody confirm this one way or another?

YOU are on my mind.

Be kind to the people you meet on the way up, as they’ll be the same ones you’ll meet on the way down—Honeymooners’ Art Carney as “Ed Norton.”

Can’t believe the Cubs finally won the World Series again!

Obama vows to tax companies who outsource, if reelected. This time he means it.

I was hangin’ out with Billy Bob Thornton last night and come to find out he’s just a regular guy.

What’s on your mind?


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    • Thanks Alex! I would have to mostly agree. I think personally I’ve graduated from using Facebook for things of a more ridiculous nature, to actually sharing bits and pieces of personal info with friends and family, as Mark Z. and the gang would so gladly prefer I do. 🙂 Cheers!


  1. You’re obviously a pro at coming up with creative tweets. I’m surprised you haven’t given Twitter more of a try. It’s the one social media tool in which you don’t have to mutually follow each other. You only see the tweets of the people you follow, but you don’t have to follow the people who follow you (and vice versa). I don’t use it much myself these days but I do think it’s a unique tool and has its benefits.


    • Yvette!

      Yeah, I will have to investigate Twitter further. I know Peter King at Sports Illustrated uses it, John Elway broke Peyton Manning’s coming to Denver news on it and it’s becoming a “breaking news” and publicity vehicle of sorts for people who can offer news tidbits before the mainstream media reports the story.

      I had Twitter overload on LinkedIn until they recently ceased their auto Twitter feeds–a nice improvement as many of the tweets were just fluff. You can still manually post tweets of course.

      As always, thank you kindly for your comments and hope you’re having a nice summer!


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