Web menu-based offerings future of financial printing

Simplicity is the thing.

Simplicity should be the offering.

We live in a world of ever-increasing complexity.

The companies we work for, if we’re not working for ourselves, constantly demand our best or something that differentiates us from the competition.

I’m a guy who feels the stock market is overvalued.

It’s not a solitary feeling at all.

Look around.

We have ever-decreasing housing values, commercial real estate vacancy increases and a stagnant unemployment, or should I say, “employment” rate.

Who’s not “underemployed” these days?

I mean it.

The folks who’ve been able to maintain jobs all these years are underemployed.

They have no real gain(s), nor have they enjoyed anything in the form of meaningful annual increases or raises, in several years.

Why is this so?

Companies continue to sit on huge stockpiles of cash.

Problem is…

The Federal Reserve’s balance sheets…

Take a look…

They’ve tripled their balance sheets in recent years and there’s no end in sight.

Give ‘em a pass you say? You want them to determine monetary policy instead of Congress? How about WE the United States citizens determine policy?

I know, it’s “not that bad” and “put your head in the sand, it’ll get better, don’t be so negative sentiment” will drive me silent, if not less excited.

In this case, I would suggest constitutional law would most aptly apply.

We’re going to give our leadership a pass entirely when it comes to what we choose to do in November.

As a citizenry, we acknowledge it’s a two-party system.

What would happen if you were actually able to elect someone outside the two-party system?

You say it’s always been Democrats and Republicans?

Well, change is constant and how about acknowledging that in this present day and age, it could be time to elect someone of our own choosing—independent of either Republican or Democratic ties?

Why not?

There is no reason why not.

We choose more of the same if we choose to continue electing either Democrats or Republicans, come November.

I say we should have the opportunity to elect someone by “name.”

Yes, by “name.”

Maybe I’d register to vote for the first time in my life or better yet, I’d just friggin’ choose, or type someone in on the ballot via the internet, if I could do so.

Ok Ok…

Back to the headline…

That was kind of a rant, yes sirree, bob.

But that’s the beauty of the blog.

When it comes to financial printing alternatives, one needs to be objective, needs to consider everything in terms of history, to date.

Financial printing is dying in terms of how it traditionally conducts business.

There is a major stock market correction on the horizon based on the overvaluation of the market, coming.

Cash and gold holdings, will be king.

As a former predictor (see “We love predictions” on my site), I predict the Aug.-Sept.-Oct. timeframe will be when this occurs.

Once the markets correct and the DOW drops below 10,000…

After the dust and rubble clears…

We will see a world where those with quick internet access to markets will rule the roost.

Those traditional financial printers with traditional offerings will be left by the wayside.

I’m talking to you, RR Donnelley and Merrill Corporation.

Those companies that can offer an entirely, if not mostly, web-based, menu-driven service with point-and-click functionality to public companies and those considering going public, will be the ones who will prosper and remain profitable going forward into the heart of the twenty-first century.

Yes, financial printers used to just hang out at the water trough of overly profitable life as it were.

But they can’t afford to do so anymore.

The stock market we know today isn’t the one that we’ll know tomorrow.

Stop doing business as you know it.


Get something going that is web/cloud-friendly, menu driven and web-WISE going forward.

You have too many redundancies, too many “personal customer service agents where personal customer service agents are not needed” offerings in place.

Let’s face it.

The majority of clients we’ve come to know that retain financial printing services, will be the ones who will demand instantaneous, or as on-time and immediate as possible delivery of services, going forward.

Executive management teams’ loads of excuses to the contrary will not help their companies remain competitive.

You know what’s coming down.

Get as automated as possible, let your folks know this is what you need to do and stay in business because you understand clients will expect “as soon as you can” service models.

We know it’s nothing personal.

It’s just business.



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  1. I agree, My Opinion….This year should be The Year Of Change for all of us. Value yourself enough to make a change. Improve your skills, shop around for the best (that will last), Save what you can for a future that will change come tomorrow or the tomorrow after that. It’s not all doom and gloom but the American Dream is dying. If you haven’t started you should. Live within your means NOT your dreams.


    • Thanks for your comments, Renee and welcome! I agree, times are tough, the cream will rise to the top, but those of us who are “creamy” may just need more of a helping hand than previously thought. All the best in this Year of Change and keep on truckin’! ~Bob


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