Heartfelt Memorial to The Greatest begins week of mourning, remembrance and celebration at Muhammad Ali Center

20160606_104728I feel honored to live in the city Muhammad Ali was born and will be laid to rest. Today I took a walk to the Muhammad Ali Center where a Memorial has been created. I won’t use the word “makeshift” like a lot of media outlets are, because as that may be, it still is a very moving display and more like a genuine tribute than anything I would describe as makeshift.

Everyone who was there when I was shifted quietly around the flowers, pictures, heart shaped balloons and signs. It’s a hint of things to come in the way of more formal memorials and celebrations of Ali’s life as the week progresses here in Louisville, towards Friday.

The tone at the Memorial today was quiet, peaceful and respectful. Everyone made way for each other to take photos and admire the tributes. Somehow I sensed The Greatest would have appreciated the way so many people from far and near have come together.

Ali’s sense of humor rises to the surface at times in between periods of mourning for his many fans and admirers across the world. When I was in the store on Saturday morning, his memory was first and foremost in my mind. Strangely, I was drawn to the deodorant section. I purchased a small stick of Brut deodorant. When I was at the register paying for my purchases I did my best Ali commercial television ad impersonation for the checker (which prompted a huge grin by the way):

Float like a butterfly,

Sting like a bee,

The great smell of Brut,

And the punch of Ali.

All eyes are on Louisville as we celebrate The Champ’s life and the mountains it moved, the people touched, the tears and smiles surely flowing together as one.







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