Into each life a little rain must fall

Rain, Rainy weather

Rain, Rainy weather (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a peacefulness in a torrential downpour that sometimes only writers can appreciate fully. In the summertime, running out to make sure the car windows are up is one thing non-writers do. But writers and non-writers alike do take the time to put the windows up in the house if they aren’t, when the time of year is autumn.

Autumn is here but during the day it feels a lot like summer. We have so much control over choices but the weather has so much influence over our choices.

What to wear every day is one of the things that weather influences. It’s common sense to carry an umbrella, at least in the car, when there’s a good chance for rain. Yet, most of us never do. We prefer running from tree to tree or building to building while we scream all the way, “It’s raining, it’s raining! It. Sure. Is. Coming. Down!”

When someone walking in the rain instead slows down during a torrential downpour, it draws blank stares from passersby. I am one of those people who enjoy a nice rain dowsing every so often. Anyone who has lived in arid or semi-arid places sees rain so infrequently that it’s often watched from the front porches of houses in these geographic climes (with the wonderment of children waiting to see Santa Claus) when it’s coming down particularly hard.

“Dude doesn’t have the sense to get in out of the rain!”

“Didn’t his mama teach him to get in out of the rain?!”

“Why the hell is he even out in this damn stuff?”


Rain doesn’t judge and it strikes everyone it touches equally. Sure, when wind is involved, it may bring rain to some people heavier than others. Now don’t get me wrong. Flooding is very dangerous and we shouldn’t be out in places where it’s happening. The old, “Climb to higher ground,” is always in effect when there’s a chance of heavy rains in mountainous areas.

1914 Santa Claus in japan

1914 Santa Claus in japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People that live near mountains can always literally climb to higher ground for safety, too. For those of us residing in low-lying areas, well, we just don’t have that luxury.

Even though weather forecasts are ever more accurate, they are still largely a best guestimate science. That is why people that should be paying attention to weather forecasts a lot of the time don’t. Or, there is false bravado.

“If all that hurricane is going to bring is heavy rains, then I’m just going to stay right here. Been here all my life and unless they force me out, I’m hunkering down until it’s over.”

If we’re just talking a good downpour of say 10 to 15 minutes and then it’s over, most of us consider storms like these kind of like fireworks shows around the Fourth of July.



“Just when it started to rain so hard you couldn’t see five feet in front of you, it’s over.”

Dang. Why’d it have to end so soon?”

“I was going in to get some ice cream and then I missed the ending.”

Everything has a beginning and an end. And then it’s over. Done. Finished. Kaput.

Except rain. If you’re lucky, another entertaining and perhaps not so convenient rain shower will be yours soon enough.

Who can not appreciate the perpetuity of rain?

Today, I thank you for letting me make it rain in here. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Alas, now ceases the downfall until next time.


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  1. I did not run in the rain when I was younger. You get just as wet running as walking in a heavy downpour. My parents once took a call from a friend of theirs asking them what was wrong with their daughter, they’d seen me walking in the rain and wondered why I didn’t run for shelter. 🙂
    Diana xo


    • We share walking in the rain in common, my friend. I suspect we have a lot more in common, too. While spring rain is pleasing, there’s something about fall rain that really does it for me. I miss walking along the boardwalk during fall rains of my youth on Long Island’s south shore. I’ve promised myself to work harder, thanks to you, at replying to the fine people such as yourself, who graciously take time out of their busy days to leave comments here. Thank you, Diana!

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