Are you ready, sir?

Leopold (far right) watches in horror as Curly...

Leopold (far right) watches in horror as Curly Howard gets a hair cut in the film In the Sweet Pie and Pie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have to get a haircut.

That, in and of itself, is not so bad. In fact, I’ve always found getting my hair cut very relaxing. At times I have had to fight the urge to fall asleep while doing so.

It is like receiving anesthesia. My medical terminology teacher would be thrilled to know I’ve worked a medical term into one of my blogs.

But, I digress. It’s Sunday morning and I can do that at times like these.

Perhaps it’s that I have begun caffeinating myself in anticipation of the haircut.


I’m just getting my coffee on because it’s what I do in the mornings.

Food comes later.

And then the haircut.

The thing I hate about the haircut is the walk-in nature of it all.

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning (Photo credit: jspaw)

One time I got there right when it opened on Sunday. It was raining outside and a bunch of guys were already waiting to get in, too. I had found a parking place right in front of the entrance and so was poised to pounce as soon as we were within one minute of opening time.

It did not matter that at least one other gentleman was situated, parked in front of the place, before me. I was not to be denied. I felt more opportunistic than they, by virtue of the fact I was the one parked directly in front of the entrance.

So, I went in first and got my hair cut right away. Good timing.

We all wait for stuff in lines throughout our lives.

We have to wait in lines in the grocery store.

We have to wait in lines when we go to the DMV.

We have to wait in lines when we get to the haircut place just before it opens.

Once we’re actually inside the haircut place, we still oftentimes end up waiting sitting down, as they don’t take appointments and you are in there to get your hair cut when it’s your turn.

It’s not so bad, though, really.

I mean, if you are all about scheduling your haircut at a walk-in place because you need to maximize your time management, you can get a wait guestimate from the check-in stylist. This way, you can make a game time decision about whether or not you will put your name on the list and come back just before the window of time the check-in person gave you, is about to expire. Or, you can simply opt to get your hair cut another day; unless like me, the hair is growing in tufts on the back of your neck.

I know I should be happy I even have the hair I do. People are probably saying to themselves as they read this, “Why is he even blogging about crap like this? He should be happy he has this problem.”

I get that. I really do. Maybe, it’s because I want it all. I have to admit that now, here and forever: I just want it all. But, I can’t (have it all), and that’s alright.


Because there are some days like past haircut days, when I have moved in and out of the haircut shop effortlessly, with nary a waiting minute before getting my No. 2 buzz cut on the sides and back, and clipper cut on the top.

On one of these fortuitous haircut-getting days, I felt so good about the whole experience afterwards, I even let the stylist sell me some styling cream (I think that’s what you call it). I have never used any products in my hair before. But this stuff has green tea or green tea extract in it. I rub it in my hair after showering and I’m good to go. Seeing how I never typically combed my hair ever (why did I carry a comb in my back pocket all those years?), it didn’t feel like applying some green tea extract to my hair and scalp was adding all that much extra time into my getting ready each day. Plus, I drink green tea, and applying it externally, seems to make sense health-wise in a strange sort of way.

Okay, I’m feeling pretty lucky today. Off to try to get to the haircut place before it opens. Even if I have to wait, it’s alright. I have to get a haircut, well, mostly a neck hair cut.

Wish me luck.



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  1. So true. It is just like anesthesia, but without the groggy hangover for days. I refer to my hairdresser as “the most important man in my life after my husband and my writing partner.” Hope you enjoyed your excursion.


    • Wow! Such a responsibility for the hair dresser! 😉 It IS very relaxing, though, and today’s visit was no different. I had to wait a bit, but like anything good, it’s worth it. A good hair cut can be taken for granted if you like where you go. But a bad haircut, well, no one wants to go through the day with people thinking, “that do is a don’t.”


  2. I don’t mind the waiting as much as I don’t like the small talk. I am terrible at it, often deflecting questions in order to get the hairdresser to talk about themselves instead of me talking . I actually once looked up how to cut hair videos on YouTube thinking I could avoid the whole thing. I didn’t, as the word hermit came to mind. 🙂


    • It would be cool if you could do your own hair. For guys that shave their heads, it’s not like they have to know how to cut hair well. But if you have any locks at all, I would imagine unless you were a hermit, you wouldn’t want to cut your own hair unless you wouldn’t be seen for weeks afterwards…so what do you do? Just kidding, you’ll get asked that in the chair next time if you get a new stylist. But I agree, if anything, we should probably be interviewing them during our visits: “So tell me about yourself…when did you realize you were good with heads?”


  3. I find it interesting that many men will do the “walk in” haircut where women are loyal to a particular hairdresser. We make appointments. My husband varies between cutting his own hair (I really wish he wouldn’t for obvious reasons) or dropping into Supercuts (I really wish he wouldn’t-the results are pretty hit and miss). But then, would I really be attracted to him if he was the ‘fuss and bother’ kind of guy?


    • Doing the “walk in” is most definitely a guy thing. I think it’s the path of least resistance for most of us. Making an appointment to get our hair cut seems unnecessary. I know we risk a bad hair day doing this, but it grows back. 🙂 I once watched a friend give himself a hair cut. It wasn’t pretty. I feel ya re: your husband cutting his own hair occasionally. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a great comment to add to the mix here. And my two cents on whether you’d be attracted to him if he was the “fuss and bother” kind of guy…you wouldn’t! If he had been that way from the get go, maybe, but you know him to be how he is and that will always be sexy to you.


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