One sentence blogging

There were times when we hoped we’d get what we had coming.

It didn’t have the connotations that “getting what you have coming,” has now.

We used to enjoy carefree days, those times when we always thought we’d have more, and live to see infinity, and we’d never worry about, or sweat, the small stuff.

I’m wondering today if we’re really that evolved, and how maybe it comes back to the things that attract us to one another?

Remember your first love?

Remember when you found a job that truly got you jacked?

Understand what it is to understand the things that really matter?

Smiles are contagious as certain friends have reminded me lately.

But then again, they may mask hidden hurts, or provide a cloak of invisibility, of protection, that we might not otherwise possess.

Our smiles, although most times genuine, can permit us our three feet of personal space, our time of grieving, our time of just…being. After all, we all just need to “be” at times.

So what did you save your best for?

Or did you ever really…

Save your best?

I don’t think you can save anything except mostly superficial things, and of course, the real stuff, like memories and love.

Saving your memories.

What a concept.

We quickly leap from one “exciting” thing to the next.

These things are typically people, places and things—like nouns, only, they’re our lives.

We meet people. We think they are genuine. Sometimes they are. Sometimes they are not.

When you have an opportunity to better yourself, you take it.

And at these times, you understand your true friends.

They wish you well, sincerely.

And all the rest…well, at best, they say nothing.

We all understand our families and their dysfunctionalities.

The biggest voids we’ll ever have are the times when we are separated from loving families.

We will always return to the bonds that we have always known, truly measured.

This is where we’ve cut our teeth, formed our earliest experiences.

Once set free in the world after classroom theory, we have our intuition and the feeling in our bellies, to help us decide, what needs deciding.

We will always try to have peace, if we want to really live.

Those in conflict will probably disagree or speak otherwise.

If we are all fed, we are all accounted for safely. I maintain we will not want conflict or war, if this is so.

How do you feel satisfied?

It changes at various times during our lives, doesn’t it?

We must always return to love and feelings of love.

For it is when we are around those who love us and would love us, we can truly feel bliss, peace and happiness.

I love traveling and feeling and experiencing the many peoples of the world.

Different regions all have their offerings.

They all feel the pride of where they live.

The commonalities reside in what was before we were all born, what happens during our lives and what our legacies are, after we’re gone.

Strife, pain, laughter, love, sorrow, achievement and experience all beget one another and lead to wisdom, if one can have long life.

Why do we marry?

I would suggest that having the chance to share your life with one person who gets you, who loves you, is what helps us be human.

Everything is not apple pie, rhubarb pie and choice, prime, homemade vanilla ice cream on top (as much, and as pleasant, as I find that).

And, if you’re lucky enough to enjoy the journey with someone who can hold your hand while walking life’s path, you’re very much ahead of the game.

You’ve been privileged to have an ally, a partner, a built-in support mechanism of sorts—the one who you know you can always rely on. The one who will stand by you, help you, offer you a kind word of encouragement.

And although he didn’t write the song, I bring this most recent segment of “hittingthesweetspot” to a close, with the great sentiment of that wonderful Italian philosopher and song stylist, Dean Martin:

Everybody loves somebody sometime
Everybody falls in love somehow
Something in your kiss just told me
That sometime is now



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