Linux phasing out keyboard use

Linux is a computer operating system I continually revisit and not just for the world-class security we’ve come to know and love, either.

This is a platform where users and developers can be one and the same or function individually, with both able to enjoy the benefits of a modern, free OS (that was available long before Apple and Microsoft made their free versions).

In the case of Microsoft Windows 10, “free” was temporary, but if you upgraded during the time at which it was available for free, you have it free always moving forward. Clear as mud? I thought so.

Linux is now moving in a direction that is eye-popping because of its boldness and complete abandonment of what used to be a staple part of kit for all computer setups.

Apple used to have the title of most innovative OS with its macos, but not anymore. Personally, macos sounds a bit too much like Bacos for me to take it seriously.

If you decide to try most any flavor of Linux from shortly now on, though, you will no longer be able to use a USB, Bluetooth, or serial port powered keyboard. In fact, you will not be able to use a keyboard with any Linux operating system at all. Keyboard use is entirely being written out of the operating system’s underlying code.

I was privy to this bold new move from sources who requested they not be identified due to the fact this announcement has not yet been made official by the Linux developer community. I can assure you wholeheartedly, however, that these developments are in fact, forthcoming.

According to several in the developer community, “People are mainly just getting tired of using keyboards as an input device for their computers and find them cumbersome.”

Initial reasons for the move to a “keyboard-less” interface model:

  • Keyboards are viewed as antiquated, 20th century input device conventions
  • As a result of keyboarding, social development and personal skills development are at an all-time low
  • Keyboard use has spawned the rise of texting
  • Texting and keyboarding have conspired to result in the complete degradation of the nuclear family

But wait, there’s more

All this begs the question of, “How do I use the computer without a keyboard?”

Well, I was told that everything involving Linux will now be voice command driven. Also, the use of pointing devices such as mice, trackpads, roll balls, etc. will still be available. In the case of those individuals who insist on keyboards, download options for use of the Linux OS with this feature will be available; my understanding is this selection will not be as easy to access (read buried on download pages) in an attempt to make the transition to keyboard-free life the more popular choice.

The decision to arrive at these somewhat gargantuan changes in how we use our Linux-based computers was not arrived at easily.

The increasing isolation that is experienced by society as a whole was definitely a huge part of it. Our lack of evolving conversational skills also contributed to the decision to eliminate the keyboard.

It is felt that by making us talk to our computers, it will somehow improve our ability to carry on a conversation with real people and subsequently help better position the human race for the post desktop computer, artificial intelligence world of robots we will soon live in.

A lot of what is about to happen can occur subliminally during April and deservedly so, for fools who would read this and believe that it actually has a snowball chance in hell of ever occurring.

I thought it was something of a testament to the fake news phenomenon if nothing else and trust that you at least enjoyed it perhaps a tiny bit. You’ll be glad to know I didn’t speak to my computer to compose the article and my conversational skills have never been better.


What do you think?

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