When being nuts takes really good vitamins

Idealized mixed nuts, USDA

Idealized mixed nuts, USDA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The way you’re marketed to is often dependent on whether you’re a man or a woman. It’s called formula marketing.

Today I would like to suggest formula marketing that comprises the best of both worlds.

Because we’re agreeable to being marketed to in any number of ways, we accept formulaic things designed by marketing gurus who feel this is the best way to sell us stuff.

For example…

There’s multi-vitamins for women and there are multi-vitamins for men, too. You can get even deeper with vitamins as there are subsets of multi-vitamins within multi vitamins depending on how old you are.

Iron Man‘s 50+ Multiple Vitamin

Three Times a Lady Woman’s Daily Formula”

I know nutritionists and dietitians possess the knowledge and training to determine what is best for each of us.

Marketing and advertising folks, though, most certainly do not.

If they did, they would be compelled to create the cross-over formula that I’m about to suggest.

If it does exist, forgive me, but I’ve only done limited research into this whole bizarre and developing phenomenon.

Like all good things I stumble upon, I feel this is really a cool idea. If it’s not cool it’s at least something to consider. Since at least it’s something to consider you no doubt have to read on.

English: Mixed nuts and dried fruit

English: Mixed nuts and dried fruit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was in the grocery store the other day and I forgot my glasses. I am familiar enough with this store and they don’t change the layout often like other stores I find annoying for doing so. I don’t go to the grocery store often, so I appreciate walking in, knowing where everything is, getting it and then getting out.

Finding my way to the nut section I reached for what looked like my familiar brand of mixed nuts. I was out of nuts and so picked up two cans. I continued on my merry way, went for the ice cream, was disappointed they were out of vanilla and grabbed some strawberry instead. I was all set. Or so I thought.

I traveled back home after paying for my stuff and then proceeded to put it all away once inside (not the food, well, yes, the food, but by “putting it all away” I literally meant that; I was not commencing to scarf it all down by any means, this was not the time for binging).

As I reached for one of the cans of nuts I had purchased, I noticed the pink colored label. It warranted a closer look. Out came the glasses I had forgotten to bring with me to the store.

“Women’s formula!”

For crying out loud. I had purchased two cans of women’s formula nuts. Should I take them back? What should I do?

Well, we know the answer to that. Since I loathe shopping of any kind including grocery shopping (the one necessary bit of shopping there is for all of us), I opened up one can of nuts.

I grabbed a handful and noticed a couple of things not in the men’s formula nuts. I read the ingredients label and also found something not in the men’s formula. There were dried cranberries and mini milk chocolate balls.

It had me thinking this was not technically-speaking a can of mixed nuts (like the men’s formula was). The women’s formula had fruit and chocolate in it. How quaint.

As I continued munching subsequent handfuls of mixed nuts, fruit and chocolate, however, I came to realize just how superior the women’s formula was for having the chocolate and cranberries in it. Yes, there probably was more sugar in a serving, but who really gives a squat?

What I’m getting to in all this is that it dawned on me that there should be a crossover men’s and women’s formula for lots of things. We could have it for mixed nuts and we could also have if for multiple vitamins, too.

It’s not like men will grow boobs or something (who don’t already have them). In fact, there isn’t anything wrong with a crossover formula. It could be like the best of both worlds. A little something softer to go with all that rough edge.

I’m sure women could appreciate it, too. But they probably would laugh and say men should just get the women’s formula vitamins and mixed nuts if they want a bit of a change.

That would not open a new avenue of marketing for the Madison Avenue folks, though. On the other hand, I think crossover vitamins and mixed nuts are the wave of adverting’s future.

It could happen. And you read it here first.

So go ahead and feel free to steal another of my original ideas. You better run with it, too, before I put down the vitamins and nuts and do it myself.




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