Renewed focus on football restores perspective, prevents end of the world

English: "Image of baseball players on th...

English: “Image of baseball players on the field during the World Series game between the National League’s Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Tigers at the baseball field in Detroit, Michigan. The pitcher is catching a grounder near the first base line and the batter is running to first base. Spectators sitting in the grandstand and bleachers are visible in the background.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that the seemingly unending political season is actually ending and the Cubs have won the World Series, we can get back to more important things like who will win the Broncos-Raiders game tonight.

Yes, football has taken a back seat for the first half of the season but it’s about to make a comeback the second half. Hopefully, by next weekend we should be able to see players’ breaths as they exhale after exertion, too. It’s not football until it is cold at the games at outdoor venues.

Some have said that the world is about to end. We haven’t had a good end of world scenario in quite some time. That’s what happens when each time somebody or some group predicts the end of the world and it doesn’t come to pass.

Since the world has not ended so many times in recent history, it leaves us very much doubting anyone who forecasts its demise. Some of us probably do want the world to end as it isn’t always such a nice place for many of us.

The reasons for doomsayers crying the sky is falling again is linked to current events of late. The Cubs won the World Series. Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be president. The Raiders have a winning record and are tied with the Broncos going into tonight’s game of the week.

A lot of seemingly crazy stuff happening portends the end of the world for some people.

Vanderbilt Quarterback Jay Cutler (#6-white) i...

Vanderbilt Quarterback Jay Cutler (#6-white) is absolutely annihilated by U.S. Naval Academy Midshipman 2nd Class Jeremy Chase (#48-blue) in a game Navy would win, 29-26, on September 25, 2004. Also pictured Ryan King (#62-white). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week the Bears beat the Vikings. No one had that except me. The return of Jay Cutler isn’t exciting unless he beats a team like the Vikings. I think the score was 20-10 but that was no indication of just how badly the Bears had beaten the Vikes.

I can go on. The S&P 500 recently posted its longest losing streak in 36 years. Weird and bad news that comes in waves like it has gets a lot of people antsy.

I’ve always felt that people who read about studies on stress can become stressed out.

Why do a lot of NFL coaches want to establish the running game? The running game is dependent on the passing game working in order for it to be effective. Look no further than Todd Gurley with the Rams for an example of the running game not happening without the passing game.

Gurley was supposed to be the second coming of Jim Brown after his performance last season. I wish people would stop comparing anyone to Jim Brown. That’s not fair to either them or Jim Brown.

But back to the Raiders-Broncos matchup tonight. I remember growing up in NY and watching the 4 p.m. game. I always loved when the Broncos were on, and I especially loved when the Raiders came to the old Mile High Stadium and the cameras showing the game would be shaking with Rocky Mountain thunder generated by the raucous crowd.

It was usually dark at home by halftime, too. By the late stages of the fourth quarter, it was also dark at Mile High.

Tonight’s game is not at Mile High, but in Oakland. I don’t know what the weather will be like. The receivers won’t use stickum like Fred Biletnikoff did. Maybe it’ll be raining and the game will turn on dropped passes by both sides.

We’ll have to see. But, I don’t think there’s anything about this game that portends the end of the world. To the contrary, we’re just getting back to the things that are important—like a good old fashioned AFC West rivalry rekindled in 2016.

To be able to enjoy it as we “fall back” as it were for daylight savings, is only reaffirmation that while some things may happen that appear as evidence of hell having frozen over, the rest of the world’s balance is being restored via old AFL teams revisiting their football rivalry in today’s pass-happy NFL.

I wonder if either the Broncos or Raiders will seek to establish the running game?


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