Things we’d (mostly) like to see summer Sunday edition

English: Chicago Cubs logo

English: Chicago Cubs logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Self-cleaning eyeglasses

It’s bad enough we have to wear them.

Unsocial media

A forum for trolls.

Internet voting

If the government is really serious about change the people want (nah, not gonna happen).

Internet voter registration

Already have this in many states, but needed to mention because until all states have it, it’ll be tough to actually get to Internet voting.

Longer life batteries for our mobile devices

C’mon man!

An upgradeable “pro-sumer” Mac from Apple

Pipedream. Apple just doesn’t care what Mac users want any more.

The return of the Mac clone.

This one should happen but won’t. So, it’s a hackintosh if you want macOS on more capable hardware than Apple makes these days.

English: Long Beach, Miss., October 22, 2005 -...

English: Long Beach, Miss., October 22, 2005 — A portable air conditioning unit cools the Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) in Long Beach, Miss. DRC’s are set up to help residents with the FEMA recovery process. FEMA/Mark Wolfe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A reversal of global warming trends.

Call it what you want. It’s too damn hot, we all know it and since we humans unintentionally exacerbated the problem in the first place, it’d be nice if we could come up with something to reverse the trend.

The chance for football played in snowstorms during October and November

See item above. Football is a game played in harsh conditions, except these days harsh conditions are hot temperatures into October. It’s sad we don’t seem to have any “snow bowl” games to watch on the tube until mid to late December.

Time travel or the ability to control the rate at which time passes

Time seems to pass so fast these days. Maybe it’s because we’re all busier than ever. Another theory is that time passing quickly is proof the aliens have landed and are controlling our perceptions—including how fast we think time passes.


Just think of how pleasant election cycles would be by comparison with today. Candidate debates would be amazing—two of them just standing at the podium and not moving their lips. I can dream.

Wearable portable air conditioning

I know, I can’t get away from how hot it is. But, just think about if you’re in the office, the A/C is weak and you need some extra cooling down. Press a button on your watch or fitness tracker and you can regulate your body temperature so you’re cooler.

The option to spend more of your life in virtual reality than actual reality

Virtual as a lifestyle—for those who don’t like surprises and want to call the shots entirely. Talk about living a lie.

Dogs that can live longer than they do now

We have to say goodbye all too soon. If advances in nutrition, science and medicine can create natural increases in longevity like they have in humans, I’d be all for it.

An invention that allows us to take back stupid things we’ve said.

See time travel above.

Self-operating lawnmower.

We have vacuum cleaner equivalents. Weekly mows of the lawn is time we can never have back.

The 1906 Cubs won a record 116 of 154 games. T...

The 1906 Cubs won a record 116 of 154 games. They then won back to back World Series titles in 1907–08 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Cubs win the World Series.

I thought it would be fun to watch the Cubs go wire to wire. But, strangely enough, it’s boring me. Maybe it’s because the Yankees are a mess and the Mets have faded.

Cornhole as an Olympic sport

There’s hope for cornhole I would think, especially when you consider we have curling.

More craft beer and pizza places creation

Will beer and pizza ever reach a saturation point? That’s a rhetorical question.

National Skip to Work Day

No, not National Skip Work Day. I thought images of people skipping to work would be a happy way to end this.


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  1. “Time travel or the ability to control the rate at which time passes.”
    You know, the older you get, the faster time seems to go by, because a year is a smaller fraction of your life at 50 than it was at 5. One-fifth of your life (a year) when a kid is an eternity. One-fiftieth of your life when you’re 50 years old is — well — a flash. Just think how quickly time will pass when you are 100! Days and weeks will whiz by so swiftly than most of world’s events can be ignored and/or missed, which may be a wonderful thing!!!
    Then “The option to spend more of your life in virtual reality than actual reality” might be equally wonderful — you can pick slow virtual or fast virtual, whatever suits your whim of the moment.
    Plus virtual snowstorms for those early season football games. I too love football in falling snow and on muddy grass fields. The more slush and mush the better.
    I’m too old to skip to work or even around the house — but the image is joyous. Have a skippingly superb day!


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