20151122_101654This is not a Mac. But it may just be the next best thing for an old PC that might otherwise be discarded.
Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela, along with a combination of Mbuntu “skins” and a built-in available OS X desktop “theme,” affords (and I really mean affords, as it’s all free), someone with a less than modern computer to experience a good measure of the functionality and gloss that Apple’s OS X operating system provides.
Linux operating systems were free long before Microsoft and Apple decided to follow suit with their own versions of “free.” For Apple’s version, the Mac hardware always cost a bit more than a comparably-spec’d PC, but that was part of the considerations that led to the ability to give away what was formerly considered Apple’s crown jewel–the Mac OS, for nothing. In Microsoft’s version of the free OS, only consumers with already existing installations of Windows 7 and 8 qualify for the free upgrade to Windows 10. The enterprise, where Microsoft’s bread and butter lies, still needs to pony up for their licensed versions of Windows.
20151122_110056So, while both Apple and Microsoft operating systems are now available free to qualifying consumers (for Apple’s OS, it’s folks who can afford a Mac and the infamous Apple tax and for Microsoft, customers with PCs on Win 7 & 8), that not understated segment of the population with PC’s running the still hugely popular Windows XP (and always longing for a Mac) have an option.
Linux has been considered by outsiders (those on Microsoft and Apple operating systems) at best as something a computer hobbyist uses and at worst an OS fit for only geeks.
20151122_113950This is partly true. Yes, geeks and gear heads alike historically have loved Linux, the command line and it’s inherent complexities. But now with Ubuntu and Linux Mint operating systems, there truly is a desktop operating system available for free that anyone with an old PC can use. My personal preference of these two most commercial-like-in-design desktop operating systems is Linux Mint.
Windows 10 is my favorite Windows operating system of all time. I am at the stage in life where I don’t like, well, like, is the wrong word, more like “don’t have the time” for tweaking and monitoring my system (rather than just using it to get work done). Windows 10 is the best OS that the Redmond legend has ever released in this respect. Once it’s installed, you just do what you want to do.
Apple has always featured and touted its legendary ease of use. Plus, it always looked so delicious—everything about it was elegant and beautiful compared to Windows. Linux operating systems couldn’t stack up in terms of ease of use or aesthetics. But, they were always free, and long before either Apple and Microsoft agreed that following suit is good strategy.

Now, Linux Mint offers the best of both worlds—a world class OS with an Apple look and feel, not to mention functionality.

20151122_105810Yes, I know, many critics will say it’s just a cheap copy. Ha ha! But this is a technically incorrect statement as if it’s a copy, it’s free and not cheap—big difference. Also, it’s never about who is copying who anymore, either, really. We should just be grateful that we have three free choices when it comes to operating systems. I am glad, though, that Linux Mint is mature and lightweight enough in terms of hardware requirements, that it can breathe exciting new life into older PCs whose users feel they have nowhere left to go except to upgrade to a newer computer they can ill afford.
This is the perspective I choose when viewing these developments. That, and also that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Have fun and get your Linux Mint 32 or 64 bit download here: