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The Six Ws of Journalism and Police Investigations

The Six Ws of Journalism and Police Investigations (Photo credit: Image Editor)

When I worked in financial printing I was at times referred to as a “grinder.” I did not quite know what to make of it, whether I should be pleased or irritated with the characterization. As I often do, I looked to sports for an analogy and came to understand that I wasn’t considered flashy or controversial, but that I was reliable, performed at high levels and just kept coming–kind of like a “sixth” man in basketball who comes off the bench to provide as much support as necessary and for as long as required.

I was among the fastest kids in school growing up, but I was not the fastest. Where I could really shine was in anything that required endurance and durability. I found I could outlast many others in whatever activity I endeavored. I would not let myself be outworked, either, and that has stayed with me throughout my life.

We all find ourselves wanting to “go home” at various times in life. Whether it’s at our jobs, in school, what have you. But we can’t. Being in school full-time again, I am incredulous how many of my classmates take the occasional day off unnecessarily–that is, there is no emergency or the car hasn’t actually broken down. I suppose I might consider taking a day off if I received a discount from the college for classes I didn’t attend; but that’s not how real life is. You have to show up and keep coming–both in school and on the job.

English: Brain Blogger logo

English: Brain Blogger logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The biggest advantage to blogging that I see and personally enjoy is the fact I can “keep coming” at you with news, features and stories I want to write and report on. Not working for a newspaper, magazine, TV, radio or traditional news outlet allows the “muzzle” to stay off regarding what topics I cover. My journalism is not bought and paid for, although I accept donations to keep up the good work I am able to do. Thus, my integrity as a reporter can always remain intact via the medium of blogging.

The Brunswick News, the city's locally-publish...

The Brunswick News, the city’s locally-published daily newspaper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, I know there are a lot of blogs out there that are painful to read and view. I get it. There is a saturation of sorts that I am aware of, too. But, it is not that hard to find good blogs and content. I like to consider the ability to freely access content here at hittingthesweetspot by Bob Skelley as part of my ongoing contribution to freedom of speech and of the press. Blogs are being patronized as legitimate sources of news and feature reading material because mainstream media pieces are dictated by their corporate-controlled owners–there is an agenda that must be followed and adhered to. Thus, I would argue there is no objective journalism to be found in traditional media anymore. By virtue of this fact, good blogs with highly readable content–the kind of stuff you aren’t seeing, hearing, reading or finding anymore on TV, the radio or in your dying, daily newspaper, are available online.

And we grinders here at hittingthesweetspot by Bob Skelley think that is a really good thing. You have our pledge to continue bringing you information and content you simply won’t find anywhere else.

We will gladly just keep coming.


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