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Uranus is my ruler

The Moon is FULL, people!

This white speck among the dark tree tentacles is a full moon but it’s not the August 1 full moon.
Sorry about that.

Ha! Made you look!
But it is (my ruler).
I’m talking about the world of Astrology and the fact I’m an Aquarian—that’s what many Aquarian astrological forecasts pretty much regularly remind me—that Uranus is my ruler.
With Uranus so beautifully angled to this full moon, whatever you think will happen won’t, but what you would never expect, will. The fact that the planet that rules your birth sign, Uranus, is so friendly, tells me the outcome of this full moon will be positive, no matter what the circumstances. This is so exciting!” –- excerpt from Susan Miller’s Astrologyzone.com August 2012 Aquarius forecast.
I was supposed to feel the positive effects of this recent full moon (August 1) plus or minus four days, too.
It’s really difficult for me to know. I mean, I get all confused with all the talk of full moons and Uranus, and yes, my heart at times, is all a Twitter, with wanting to social media blast the good news to all who might enjoy hearing about the prospect of my potential good fortune.
That’s where the power of the blog comes in handy. I’m still feeling my way on Twitter. I mean, these posts are instantly Tweeted with links to the blog there via WordPress’ “publicize” feature, along with instantaneously hitting up my Facebook and LinkedIn family of friends and professional associates, respectively, but I like being able to elaborate beyond 140 characters (right?) and so prefer to get my blog on.
But yeah, I check the “scopes.”
A dear friend I worked with years back referred to them as “scopes.”
She’d be like…”Bob, did you check out the scopes? This is supposed to be an awesome month for us!”
She is an Aquarian, too.
I used to read them and wait–better than read ‘em and weep.
But evidently, us Aquarians have had a tough time of it for several years generally speaking, until recently.
We used to get a tidbit of good things to come in our scope, but never anything like Susan’s forecast for this month.
I mean, we’re supposed to be rocking, man.
There is good news all around—romantically and professionally things have never been brighter—and pretty much all month long, too!
In large part I have Uranus to thank for it, too. I’m very fortunate to say the least.
I remember when I was kid and used to read Jean Dixon’s daily forecasts in the New York metropolitan area newspapers. I’m trying to remember…but I’m pretty sure her scopes were in at least both the N.Y. Daily News and even the New York Post. I think Newsday had scopes, but they weren’t Jean’s.
Either at the bottom or the top of the scopes listing would be the disclaimer of sorts: “For entertainment purposes only.”
Well duh.
But even as a kid, I figure astrologers, psychics and sidekicks had to cover their butts with some statement or another to that effect.
And it was proven to be a good disclaimer and warning of sorts too, when many years later we had kids imitating the stunts on Jackass and doing all manner of bodily harm to themselves.
Now you wouldn’t think people would be able to harm themselves from astrology forecasts, but perhaps if they did not follow the advice regarding Mercury being retrograde until August 8 and they purchased an expensive piece of electronics kit before then, they could experience all sorts of malfunctions with the device.
Astrology has evidently gotten much more serious over the years with a greater number of followers than ever. Many would never purchase expensive electronics or sign important contracts when Mercury is in retrograde.
I guess if I needed something in the form of electronics or had to sign contracts or negotiate deals, I might be more careful, and maybe even wait until Mercury went direct.
Or not.
I really don’t know for sure. Guess I’d make it a game time decision in each case.
In any event, I’m still always going to feel comforted knowing Uranus is my ruler.
I can hardly wait for the rest of the month!


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